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    Yes, the Super Pulsar can synch to most clocks made by synthesizers and drum machines.

    in reply to: 1440 / Volume of loop from computer too loud #193076

    We’ve looked into this problem and unfortunately Garageband does not provide a way for you to change the volume of the audio when it bounces to an mp3 file, even if you’ve reduced the volume of the stereo mix with Garageband’s master volume fader.

    There are a couple of work arounds:

    1. You could reduce the volume of all the instruments in your Garageband project and then bounce the tracks.

    2. After you bounce the mix in Garageband, you could start a new Garageband project, import the mix you just created into a track, reduce the volume of the track and bounce the mix again.

    in reply to: 1440 / Volume of loop from computer too loud #193074

    Just to be sure, are you using Garageband on a Mac or iOS device?

    in reply to: EHX 45000 looper distorting #192393

    Where do have the INPUT knobs set and does the CLIP LED ever light when you’re recording loop audio?

    Which output(s) are you using on the 45000?

    Can you confirm that it’s the 45000 that is distorting and not the stage after by bringing down the track sliders on the 45000 while it’s playing back a loop?

    in reply to: Seamless transition between loops on 1440 #192075

    Sorry no, the 1440 does not allow for seamless loop transitions. When you change from one to loop another while a loop is playing, loop playback will be stopped. Then you’ll have to press the LOOP button to start playback on the second loop.

    Yes, you can synch the Rev. D Super Pulsars with other clocks. Most clocks created by synthesizers, drum machines, and modular gear will be able to drive the Super Pulsar’s Clock Input.

    The nominal spec on the clock would be a 5Vpp (Volts peak-to-peak) amplitude square wave which ranges from 0V to 5V. The Super Pulsar can accept clock amplitudes ranging from 0V-2V up to 0V-9V. The Super Pulsar can also accept bi-polar clock signals ranging from +/-2V to +/-5V.

    The maximum received clock frequency is 150Hz. The Tap Divide modes can be used to increase the modulation speed in relation to the external clock frequency.

    in reply to: 45000 does not want to midi-sync ! #191406

    Just to confirm, the 45000 is able to record and playback loops as you would expect when EXT.CLOCK is disabled?

    If this is the case, and the 45000 does not record or playback loop when EXT. CLOCK is engaged, then it might have a bad MIDI IN port, or MIDI IN circuit.

    I recommend you either contact customer support to set up a repair or you exchange it for a new 45000 from the dealer. The customer support link is:


    in reply to: 45000 does not want to midi-sync ! #191379

    What is the source for the MIDI clock in your setup?

    in reply to: germanium big muff4 and germanium od #191240

    No, the OD side of the Germanium Big Muff 4 is not the same circuit as what is found in the Germanium OD.

    in reply to: Super Switcher 4 Cable Method Help #190992

    Yes, you can do this. What you do is route the Super Switcher’s always on loop, located between 5 and 6, to your amp’s Input and FX Send jacks. Then you place the pedals that would normally go into your effects loop, such as delay and reverb, into the Super Switcher’s loop numbers 6, 7, 8. The output of the Super Switcher is then connected to the amp’s FX Return jack. So, the Super Switcher’s loops 6, 7, 8 are now in your amp’s FX loop but you can turn them on/off with the Super Switcher.

    Here’s a potential signal chain with sample effects:

    Super Switcher SND -> Amp’s Input -> Amp’s FX Send -> Super Switcher RTN
    Super Switcher Ch 6 SND/RTN -> Delay
    Super Switcher Ch 7 SND/RTN L -> Reverb
    Super Switcher Ch 8 SND L/RTN L -> Tremolo
    Super Switcher OUT L -> Amp’s FX Return

    in reply to: 95000 Playback stops at random places #190841

    That’s strange. Do you have any MIDI devices connected to the 95000? Is it following external MIDI Clock?

    When the 95000 stops, does the green PLAY LED shut off?

    No news. We haven’t gotten to the firmware update yet. Sorry about that.

    in reply to: 95000 “new loop” will not activate #190327

    We’re sorry to hear this. Not sure how it left the factory with a broken SD card connector.

    in reply to: 95000 “new loop” will not activate #190325

    If you go to an empty loop and then press the RECORD footswitch, does the 95000 react? Does it start recording?

    If you go to an occupied loop and press the PLAY footswitch, does the 95000 playback?

    Most likely this is a bad 45000 Foot Controller. It might be worth changing the cable between the 45000 and its Foot Controller just to prove its not the cable. Otherwise, can you exchange the Foot Controller for a new one from the dealer?

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