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  • Thanks for pointing out this issue with the Reverse and Octave button states remaining global instead being saved with each loop. We will look into whether this can be fixed with a firmware update or not. We definitely agree that it would be better to work as you described where the state of Reverse was saved with each individual loop rather than be enabled or disabled globally.

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    Thanks for the update with the new Micro SD cards.

    Regarding the loops that occasionally stop after a couple repeats, are these old loops, recorded on the previous SD card? Are they new loops that you recorded with the new Micro SD?

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    Yes, hopefully it’s just an abused SD card that’s causing the problems. Glad to hear you like the 95000!

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    You are correct regarding the new Micro SD cards. You can just pop the new cards into the 95000 and they should work, no formatting needed. You can immediately start creating new loops after inserting a new card.

    To restore your old loops, basically just do in reverse what you did to back up the loops. Copy the loop folders from Mac hard drive to the SD card. Only thing to make sure that the names of the folders are in the LOOPxx format.

    Reading through the issues you’re having with the 95000 again, I’m beginning to think there could be a bad Micro SD card connector on your unit. If you see again more problems where the 95000 stops loop playback for no reason and the Mac keeps reporting a dropped connection, there is a high likelihood of a bad card connector. You can ship it to us for repair.

    Sounds like you’re doing some great stuff with looping. Glad to hear you’re also using the 22500 as well!!

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    @Mamerjamer, it sounds like SD card corruption. Try reformatting the micro SD card using the official formatting app from the SD Association, which can be found at this link:

    Choose Overwrite format instead of Quick format.

    If your Mac can take the Micro SD card in its card slot, we recommend you eject the card from the 95000 and insert it into the Mac when formatting. If not, the card can be formatted while inserted in the 95000.

    Do the eject messages occur when the 95000 is moved or the USB cable is moved? There could be a loose connection there.

    If you’re sending PC 71 and the 1440 goes directly into Overdub instead of Play, try sending PC 70.

    Some MIDI units use the range 1-128 for PC messages–this is what the 1440 does. Some MIDI units use the range of 0 to 127. Maybe that is what’s going on here.

    Yes, a video would be very helpful. Thank you!

    1440 Firmware Version 0.60 is now available. Use the EHX1440 app to update your 1440. Here’s what is in the update:

    Electro-Harmonix 1440 Version 0.60 Release Notes
    May 3, 2023

    1. Added three new MIDI PC messages:
    a. PC 71 – Play function: always initiates the PLAY function unless the loop is empty. As long as audio is found in the currently selected loop bank, and no matter the current mode, sending PC71 will put the 1440 into play mode. PC71 does not start an overdub, record, or stop playback.

    b. PC 72 – Record/Dub function: always initiates the REC or OVERDUB function. 1440 will choose the correct function based on the current state. On an empty loop, PC 72 starts a recording. PC 72 starts an overdub on a playing loop, or immediately starts overdub/play on a stopped loop. During a new recording, PC 72 will close the loop and put the 1440 into overdub.

    c. PC 128 – Direct Loop Erase. Immediately erases the loop of the currently selected loop bank, with no extra confirmation. The loop must be stopped for PC 128 to work. Caution! Once the loop is erased, it is gone forever, this function cannot be undone.

    2. Bug fix: fixed a bug where MIDI PC messages 32 (RV.OC) and 33 (STOP) would change the function of the STOP/FX footswitch; now these two PC messages only perform their respective commands and leave the STOP footswitch setting as it was.

    3. Bug fix: occasionally the LOOP footswitch would not queue playback in EXT CLK mode. This is reliably working now.

    4. Bug fix: repeated PC/CC messages wouldn’t be processed while in EXT CLK mode with a MIDI Clock signal running to the 1440. The PC/CC messages are no longer ignored in this scenario.

    5. Bug fix: a fade would be incorrectly applied to the start of a loop if the user had the overdub knob set to anything less than 100% and went directly into playback from recording an initial loop.

    6. Bug fix: improved support for MIDI devices that use running status for PC and CC messages.

    7. Bug fix: changing a loop with the rotary encoder or MIDI message during an initial loop recording would not properly switch the 1440 to the new loop.

    That’s great to hear! I will post the text from the Read Me for the update soon.

    Yes, actually we’re going to release 0.60. As of this morning we finished our testing and will now send it out to be put up on the server. This is usually takes a couple of days.

    This does sound like a hardware problem. Please email so that we can figure out the best way to help you.

    Interesting, so version 1.0 of the 1440 app works for you on Ventura but not 1.0.49?

    We found a couple bugs and UI issues with the firmware update during the last round of testing. So we’re currently fixing all the issues. That will probably set us back about a week.

    We have tested the 1440 app on Ventura and it did work fine for us. Do you have the latest version of he app installed? Did you try running the software update just in case?

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    It’s hard to say if the problem is a bad Silencer or if the gain is so high in your setup that the Return signal is coupling back to the input signal at the INPUT jack, creating positive feedback.

    One test you can try doing is to only put the HM-2 in the Silencer’s Send/Return loop. Does this gating work well enough to both mute the HM-2 and quiet your amp’s preamp?

    If not, then most likely the Silencer is defective and should be repaired. Contact if a repair needs to be set up.

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    Excellent! Glad it’s working now.

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