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    I am new to the 95000. I can record, overdub, etc., but playback just stops at random places. Might in the middle of bar 1 or bar 7 or sometimes it does not stop. Please help if you can. Thank you!


    That’s strange. Do you have any MIDI devices connected to the 95000? Is it following external MIDI Clock?

    When the 95000 stops, does the green PLAY LED shut off?


    I’ve had a similar issue. To stop it I had to hook up the 95K to my computer, then manually delete all the audio files in the loop folders. Firmware re-burn did not help because it kept my old files. I could only think it was due to either file corruption or file permissions. This was strange, because I had never connected the 95K to my computer previously.

    Erasing the loop by pressing the undo and record for 2 seconds didn’t fix it either.

    Using latest FW 1.14.


    Hi – I am having the same problem with a slightly used 95000 that I bought recently. I had the identical problem with a 45000 setup that I bought and I took it back. What is the point of having a loop machine if you have to erase all of the audio files from the folders? This is an anomaly that a EHX rep should jump in on this post and recommend a solution before I return this 95000 unit as well. $500 used and it will not continuously play a loop? Come on. And I am also on the latest firmware. My problem is identical to the first post here. And yes – the play button goes off when the loop stops. By the way, my Mac is getting constant messages about not ejecting the disk properly – when I have not unplugged anything or stopped using the unit.

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    @Mamerjamer, it sounds like SD card corruption. Try reformatting the micro SD card using the official formatting app from the SD Association, which can be found at this link:

    Choose Overwrite format instead of Quick format.

    If your Mac can take the Micro SD card in its card slot, we recommend you eject the card from the 95000 and insert it into the Mac when formatting. If not, the card can be formatted while inserted in the 95000.

    Do the eject messages occur when the 95000 is moved or the USB cable is moved? There could be a loose connection there.



    Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried to reformat the card using my Mac Disk Utility, but it seemed to stall on it, so I killed the Micro SD card formatting. It is now completely fubar’ed. I may try reformatting it again using your instructions. I do not have a Micro SD card reader, but I might get one. Before I go on, I had backed up all of the files onto my Mac hard drive before I had the problem, so that’s a good thing. Not so concerned about bringing the Micro SD card back to life, so I ordered a 3-pack of the same Micro SD card. I will put a new Micro SD card in it when I receive them. Is there any trick to that? Or can I just pop in a new blank card and go? I assume that, since I have a backup of all of my data, that I could just insert the card and hit the “Reverse” button to return the unit to the factory default mode. Then, if all works, I could reload my loops (mostly drum loops at this point) onto the card from the Mac. I will update if I can restore the existing Micro SD card using your instructions. I did, by the way, switch out the USB cord just in case. Again, thanks so much. I got to use the 95000 a bit before this happened and it is exactly what I was looking for! By the way, I also have a 22500 which is an EXCELLENT unit! I have been able to do some pretty neat things with the combination of the Mac and the two loopers via USB. Taking mixed down Banks from the 95000 (with guitar, drums, bass and organ sounds) and put them in a LOOP folder on the 22500 (after removing the individual track files and leaving only the time tempo file and the “TRACKM.wav” file. Great way to make a whole song background into a drum loop. Still tinkering, but so many possibilities!! Now I can use the 95000 to make 3 individual stereo tracks (without overdubbing), mix them down and create full music loops for my 22500. Great looper combo! Thanks again for your help!


    You are correct regarding the new Micro SD cards. You can just pop the new cards into the 95000 and they should work, no formatting needed. You can immediately start creating new loops after inserting a new card.

    To restore your old loops, basically just do in reverse what you did to back up the loops. Copy the loop folders from Mac hard drive to the SD card. Only thing to make sure that the names of the folders are in the LOOPxx format.

    Reading through the issues you’re having with the 95000 again, I’m beginning to think there could be a bad Micro SD card connector on your unit. If you see again more problems where the 95000 stops loop playback for no reason and the Mac keeps reporting a dropped connection, there is a high likelihood of a bad card connector. You can ship it to us for repair.

    Sounds like you’re doing some great stuff with looping. Glad to hear you’re also using the 22500 as well!!


    Thanks again for your feedback. I noticed that the Micro SD card in the unit had some pretty substantial, somewhat erratic scratching on the gold contacts on the card. So I am hoping that a new card may eliminate the issues. Maybe the card was abused or an old card was put in the unit when selling back to Guitar Center. I appreciate the offer to repair the unit if required. However, I have a 45 day return policy with Guitar Center. So, if the new card does not fix it, I will return the unit and buy a new unit. I’ve seen enough to know I love the looper. I will update this post when I reach the conclusion of this issue. Thanks again for your very comprehensive and timely assistance. I will mention it in a product review on Guitar Center.com


    Yes, hopefully it’s just an abused SD card that’s causing the problems. Glad to hear you like the 95000!


    So I got some new Micro SD cards. I popped one in, and, just like you said, my 95000 started up. I copied my saved patches to the Micro SD card and everything seems to be working normally. So I guess it was just a crapped out Micro SD card from the prior owner. So the best thing I can recommend is to start with a new Micro SD card and back up the card regularly to your hard drive on your computer via USB.

    There are still a couple of loops that stop playing occasionally, but once you restart them, they seem to keep playing after that. I just listen to about 3 repeats of a loop to assure that it will keep running through a recording session. When they stop, it is usually within the first two repeats. Then hit the play / stop button until it starts playing again and things seem to smooth out from there on. I have also started assuring that the Quantize button is on. Just guessing that this would promote proper playback of quantized loops.

    Thanks again for all your help. I will be keeping this unit if things remain copacetic with it. Again – great tricks can be performed by combining a 22500 and a 95000 in series, then using your USB ports to move and rearrange loops and banks, convert banks to loops by changing the folder name and clearing out all but the tempo file and the “M.wav” file. Move loops from one looper to another, etc. Lots of fun!

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