Pico Canyon Echo
Pico Canyon Echo
Pico Canyon Echo
Pico Canyon Echo
Pico Canyon Echo
Pico Canyon Echo
Pico Canyon Echo

Pico Canyon Echo

Digital Delay
Flexible digital delay in the world’s smallest Canyon!


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Sound Clips
Echo in the Canyon
Bright Delay and Telephone Effect
Dotted 8th
Long Dotted 8th
Filter Adjusted to Analog Tone
Infinite Repeats Micro Looper
  • Pico Canyon Echo | Digital Delay
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Pico Canyon Echo


The EHX Pico Canyon Echo takes the digital delay from the award-winning Canyon Delay and Looper and plates it up as a single serving echo unit. Starting with a crystal clean delay, the Canyon Echo is a sweetly simple delay with 3 seconds of delay time. Don’t let the size fool you, this canyon is deep! Add filtering, tap tempo, and a feedback knob capable of infinite repeats and this little echo is up to most time bending tasks.

The Canyon Echo features a BLEND knob to get the perfect wet/dry mix. The DELAY knob sets the delay time from 8ms to 3s. FEEDBACK is adjustable from 1 repeat to infinite repeats for endless delay washes and pads. Turn the FILTER knob past noon and it’s a High Pass Filter while below noon it is a Low Pass Filter.

Tap Tempo is simple and easy to use. Just press and release the footswitch at least two times to set the tempo and the LED will blink to confirm your tap tempo. The tempo can then be subdivided from a quarter note to a dotted eight note to an eighth note with the TAP DIV button. Additionally, the Canyon Echo also features selectable Tails bypass so echoes continue after putting the pedal into bypass.

The Canyon Echo also features a new style of Infinite Repeats where a single delay is repeated and the input is taken out of the delay path. This makes the pedal function like a micro tape looper that can be played over without new delays being created. The micro loop can also be manipulated into warped sound effects by adjusting the DELAY knob.

  • Compact Pico chassis
  • Digital delay from Canyon Delay and Looper
  • BLEND controls the wet/dry mix
  • DELAY adjusts delay time from 8ms to 3s
  • FEEDBACK adjusts from 1 repeat to infinite
  • Filter attenuated low-end or high-end frequencies of delayed signal
  • Tap Tempo with 3 tap division modes
  • Selectable Tails bypass allows for echoes to continue after pedal is bypassed
  • Infinite Repeats feature loops a single delay repeat that can be manipulated by the DELAY knob
  • Power adapter included


Buffered Bypass
Power Supply
9.6VDC-200mA power adapter included
Dimensions (in)
3.65 x 2.0 x 2.0
Current Draw
Year Released
Owner's Manual
Attach the output plug from the included power supply to the 9V power jack. Current draw: 100mA at 9.0VDC
When the delay time is set by tap-tempo, the TAP DIV button sets the tap-division: Green – 1/8 Note equal to half your tap time. Orange – Dotted 1/8 Note equal to 3/4 your tap time. Red – 1/4 Note equal to your tap time.
Adjusts the output mix from 100% dry to 100% wet.
Controls the delay time, ranging from 8ms to 3s.
Applies an adjustable low-pass or highpass filter to the delay line. Set FILTER to the center or noon position to disable the filters. Turn FILTER counterclockwise to place a low-pass filter on the delay effect, giving the Canyon Echo a sound similar to an analog delay. Turn FILTER clockwise to place a high-pass filter on the delay repeats, for an effect reminiscent of a tape delay. The further you turn FILTER in either direction, the more filtering is applied to the effect.
Controls how many repeats the Canyon Echo generates. At minimum you get one repeat. At maximum, the repeats are nearly endless. NOTE: the filter is placed in the feedback path of the delay and filters out more signal with each repeat, limiting the maximum repeats at more extreme FILTER settings.
Audio input to the Canyon Echo.
Audio output from the Canyon Echo.
Footswitch engages or bypasses the effect. The LED color indicates the selected effect type. In bypass, the LED is off.

“We’re expecting very big things from this release!”

–Mike Matthews

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