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  • in reply to: Input Impedance of 22 calibre amp? #104250
    Anybody have any idea what the input impedance is? I’m interested in using it with piezo pickups which like to see at least 1Meg ohms.

    The input impedance is 2 Mohms.

    in reply to: V256 Auto-Tune/Instrument Control Live Video #104108

    Brian is the guy on the left with the beard, he wrote My Dad is Rich. I’m the one playing guitar in the video doing the Auto-tune stuff.

    I’m also in the Mole/Screaming Bird/22 Caliber videos.

    in reply to: Memory Toy trims #102454
    Okay thanks for the response. I did not turn any trimpot. As I said, I liked the mod depth straight out of the box.

    What I want to know is: is it normal for the Memory Toy to have some added white noise to the repeats after about 10-11 o’clock or should I send it back?

    I really really like the sound of this delay pedal, but the noise can be annoying.

    It is normal with most analog delays for some white noise to be added to the delayed signal. The longer the delay time the more noise. It’s hard to say if your unit is worse than other Memory Toys without hearing it but yes the added white noise is normal.

    Have you had other analog delays or is this your first. If you’re moving from digital delays to an analog one I could see how this noise would sound wrong.

    in reply to: micro synth volume problems #102452

    Sounds like your pedal is busted.

    in reply to: Stereo Polyphase as a Mutron Biphase Alternative? #102451

    The Stereo Polyphase is a 4 stage phaser but otherwise uses very similar technology as the Bi-Phase. Both are designed by the same person.

    in reply to: Memory Toy trims #102450

    The Memory Boy does not have any trim pots inside to adjust modulation. All the adjustments are brought out to the surface of the unit.

    For both units we have been making improvements in their calibration. We found early on that we tended to calibrate them too lean, meaning the signal out of the BBD chips was too quiet which results in quiet delay in some units and unable to runaway when Feedback is maxed.

    in reply to: Memory Toy trims #102448

    On the Memory Toy, there is a trim pot to adjust the modulation depth but not the modulation rate. The trim is labeled as TRIM8. There is an arrow pointing to TRIM8 with a bit of text on the PCB that says “Mod Depth.”

    Turn TRIM8 clockwise to decrease the modulation depth. You’ll need a small screwdriver to do this and may want to start without power connected first. Once you have a good grasp on turning TRIM8 then you can apply power and listen to how the Mod depth changes as you turn TRIM8.

    I recommend you do not touch any other trim pots unless you really know what you’re doing.

    in reply to: Holy Stain Exp Pedal #102446

    A volume pedal is a bit different from an expression pedal. Expression pedals have a TRS connector with all three terminals of the pot connected to the three terminals on the TRS connector. T = Pot Wiper, R = Toe Down Pot connection, S = Toe Up Pot connection. A volume pedal only has a TS connector, where T = Wiper and S = Toe Up Pot Connection (or ground). The input to the volume pedal is connected to the Toe Down Pot connection.

    For the expression pedal input on the majority of EHX pedals, a volume pedal will not work as well as an actual expression pedal. So I recommend you get an actual expression pedal to connect to the expression pedal inputs of EHX pedals.

    I believe the Boss FV50H is just a volume pedal and not an expression pedal though I could be wrong about that. If you want a very durable expression pedal (many are not that durable) try the Boss FV-500L. The FV-500H will probably also work fine but the lower impedance of the 500L is better suited for the Holy Stain and most other EHX expression pedal inputs.

    in reply to: MEMORY BOY HISS #100906

    Regarding control voltage on the MB’s exp. pedal input, the useable range is 0V to 5V. Putting in 0V to 10V won’t do any damage, try not to exceed this range though.

    in reply to: MEMORY BOY HISS #100887

    In analog delays, it is normal for the hiss and noise to increase as the delay time increases. Most analog delays exhibit this characteristic.


    If the Memory Boy continues to pop while going in/out of bypass, after it has been powered up more than a minute then probably the capacitor needs replacement.


    I believe the compressor is making its own popping sound which is then going into the delay loop of the Memory Boy. So the compressor is really its own problem. Knowing this it doesn’t change that I think a capacitor on the Memory Boy needs replacing.

    Does the Memory Boy pop when BLEND is set to 100% dry?

    Also I should mention it is normal for the Memory Boy to pop when going in/out of effect mode for the first 30 seconds or so after power up. While all the voltages get settled.

    I recently got a Memory Boy and while playing it tonight, it started to audibly pop when I engaged the pedal. This was especially troublesome because, the Memory Boy being a delay pedal, the pop sound is repeated. The pop isn’t particularly loud. In fact I can’t even hear it with the blend all the way left. It’s the repeats that are the problem. Is this just something I’m going to have to live with? Does the switch need to be replaced? Thanks for your feedback.

    This pop is most likely due to a bad capacitor on the output of the delay section. It should be fixed under warranty. Contact customer service and they will help you:

    in reply to: New Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder with Reflex-Tune Video! #100724

    There’s a mode in the V-256 called INSTRUMENT CTRL which is not really mentioned in the video. It is a wonderul effect that allows you to set the pitch of your vocals (no matter what pitch you sing) with a monophonic instrument. It works really well with guitar but it won’t track chords.

    The way it works is you play a note on your guitar, say an E at the 5th fret on the B string. Then sing into the mic, the output of the effect will be your voice pich shifted either up or down to the same E note you played on the guitar.

    Think of it as Auto-Tune that let’s you play the notes in real-time. It’s great as a new kind of talk box effect or new style of vocoding. I see a lot of possibilities for live use, mixing the guitar and vocal together where the vocal tracks the guitar.

    in reply to: New Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Delay Pedal Video #100723
    I just got a hold of a Memory Boy yesterday. I’ll be fiddling with it all weekend.

    I just want to say to everyone at EHX,

    BRAVO, you’ve created another masterpiece!

    It is a present and future classic.

    Thanks!! You made our day.

    We really appreciate the feedback both good and bad.

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