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    Yup, it’s a 4 ohm cab. I’ll push it w/ an 8 ohm cabinet and let you know how it comes out. Thanks!

    Walt Campbell
    Campbell Sound

    Definitely interested to hear your results with the 8 ohm cabinet. It should be fine.

    in reply to: V256 Vocoder midi not working #108183
    I also have problem trying to get it to receive MIDI.
    Tried Midi Ch.16, also read thru the manual a few times, have also checked midi cables, etc… Seems like my pedal somehow will not respond to MIDI at all. Have tried sending it Notes, Midi CC, even tried every midi channel, still no joy. Everything else works except MIDI.

    Anyone knows any other ways to test or reset this ?


    Does your V256 work normally otherwise? Have you got it working with just the internal synth, changing pitch using the PITCH knob?

    I’ve been playing with my new 22 cal for a couple of weeks now but today, when I was showing it off and playing loud (about 60% on the dial) it started cutting off. It would drop to silent and then come back on, drop and come back on until the volume dropped to a certain level and then it’d come back on full time. Drive it hard again and it’d do the same thing.

    I plugged it into a variac w/ an ammeter on it just to see what was what and noticed that anytime the power draw got much above .6A (six tenths of an amp) the sound would cut out.

    Other than that I love the pedal and would sure like to continue using it. Is mine defective? What will it take to get it fixed?


    From what you are describing it sounds like the cabinet you are using is a 4 ohm cabinet.

    When we first sold the 22 Caliber we said it could work down to 4 ohms but we were wrong. When plugged into a 4 ohm cabinet, as soon as the 22 Caliber starts to distort, it overheats and shuts itself off. This usually occurs at around 11 o’clock on the dial.

    The minimum cabinet impedance should be 8 ohms. If you are using an 8 or 16 ohm cabinet then something may be wrong with your 22 Caliber.

    in reply to: Memory Toy with messed up trims #108181
    thank you. that sounds like a plan. so just for future reference, we can adjust the mod depth trim bun none of the others, right?

    Yes the MOD DEPTH trim is the only trim pot you should consider touching inside the Memory Toy and even then if you have the correct size screwdriver.

    The other trim pots inside the Memory Toy are not there to hide anything but because the BBD chips vary so much from chip to chip that they require trim pots to put them at just the right bias.

    in reply to: Will a Memory Toy run at 18V ? #108180
    One more question on the Memory Toy. What’s the current draw of the pedal, I didn;t see that listed on the product page.

    The Memory Toy’s current draw is 25 mA. That is an official EHX answer. :)

    Definitely not more than 12VDC to power the Memory Toy. More voltage will damage it.

    in reply to: Oh My Goodness!! DELUXE Memory Boy! #108142
    I don’t have any way of measuring that, but yes they are regulated outputs. I will try using one of those outputs for power again to do another side by side and will report back on the sound.

    Maybe try a different 100mA output, possibly the one you used is not working as well as it should.

    in reply to: Oh My Goodness!! DELUXE Memory Boy! #108140
    I have 8 isolated 9 volt 100mA outlets on my board they are mini plug to DC connector style outlets. I am not sure why there is a difference in sound if it only draws 92 mA…unless my outlets are under powered, although they are working well to power all of my other pedals, and also worked to power the regular Memory Boy any ideas?

    Are the 9V / 100mA outputs regulated?

    The Memory Boy draws about half the current than the DXMB, so about 45 mA. That would explain why the MB was totally fine with those outputs.

    Any chance you could measure the voltage on the plug while it is powering the DXMB? That might help determine if they are underpowered.

    in reply to: Oh My Goodness!! DELUXE Memory Boy! #108135
    eeek, bad news. . . I’m using up both my high mA outputs on my power supply. . .

    It shouldn’t require much more than 100mA, since that is what the manual states as the current draw. What other pedals are you using? I initially was upset too, because I was using all 3 of the normal “wall type” outlets on my skb ps-45, but I was able to take the boss psa-120 that was powering a TU-2 (which was powering a couple pedals) out and make use of the 100mA outputs on the board for the other pedals. The only downfall to my solution is that now all of my power outputs are in use (all of the wall type ones and the 100mA mini-plug style ones), which means no more FX on board…which i guess is OK since the board is pretty much overflowing as it is. I still think I like the SMMH a little more, but this one is definitely going to be an integral part of my rig.

    the FX loop on there is great, btw. I highly suggest trying a dynamic filter in there, it is pretty sweet! A flanger is also real cool in the loop. I am excited to try my boss PS-3 in there!

    Anyone else get there’s yet/have any tips or suggestions for the FX loop?

    Do you have any other pedals on the 100mA power tap or just the DXMB?

    In normal operation, the current draw of the DXMB maxes out at about 92 mA. If you enter LOW CUT mode, it could draw up 110 mA (because 3 extra LEDs are lit that are normally off). After exiting LOW CUT mode, the current draw will return to 92 mA, no matter where you set low cut.

    in reply to: Oh My Goodness!! DELUXE Memory Boy! #108064
    I just ordered one yesterday, too. Anxious to see how it sounds.

    I’m thiiiiiis close –

    Super curious about that FX loop, are subsequent delays each more effected than the last? i.e. do effects put into the loop build on each other as each delay is passed? It doesn’t seem this way in the 2 demos I can find. Kindly let me/us know when you get yours, if ya could.

    An example of what I’m talking ’bout:

    The effects loop on the DXMB is in the feedback loop of the delay, before the delay block, so each subsequent repeat goes through the effects loop to build upon each other.

    As an example, if you have a pedal that pitch shifts your note an octave up and put that in the effects loop, the first delayed note you hear will be one octave up, the second delayed note you hear will be two octaves up and so on.

    in reply to: Ring Thing! WOW! #107094
    How low can the carrier freq go? can it do tremolo, or would you need an external source for that via the mod input?

    Yes the carrier frequency can go low enough for tremolo. We’re still working how low it can go right now.

    in reply to: Memory Boy power supply WTF??? #106926

    The Boss and Ibanez replacement adaptor is the correct adaptor for the Memory Boy and Hazarai and many other newer EHX pedals.

    in reply to: Ring Thing! WOW! #106724
    Very interesting, sounds pretty cool!

    I’m curious. . . is the effect all digital or digital/analog hybrid?

    The effect is all digital.

    in reply to: Ring Thing! WOW! #106708

    Another video:

    This is a really interesting setup, the guitar is going into a Pocket Metal Muff and then into a DMM. The DMM is set for a medium long delay but its BLEND is set to 100% wet. The Direct Out from the DMM goes into the Ring Thing INSTRUMENT In, the DMM’s effect out goes into the Ring Thing’s MOD input so the delayed signal is the ring modulator’s carrier signal.

    in reply to: Ring Thing! WOW! #106707
    I saw your other clip with ring thing and metal muff. The pitch shifting sounds cool! this is the link, didn’t see it here also just had 8 views..

    This is a good video showing off the whammy / pitch shift effect in the Ring Thing. It does have real pitch shift besides all the ring and single side band modulation. The pitch shift can be modulated with the internal LFO, by an expression pedal or with an external source. Or you can simply transpose your notes to a fixed pitch. The pitch shift mode is very powerful just by itself.

    in reply to: Ring Thing! WOW! #106703
    Here’s me playing the Ring Thing with an ipod providing the carrier signal.

    I saw your other clip with ring thing and metal muff. The pitch shifting sounds cool! this is the link, didn’t see it here also just had 8 views..

    This is a good video too, though it’s not me but one of my co-workers I share the office with.

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