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    Yes of course, but the good mode is M-Audio…
    It’s the same with the EV5…
    I don’t know if there’s a trim pot inside the pedal…

    There are no trim pots in the Ring Thing. The problem sounds like it is with the Ring Thing.

    in reply to: Cathedral – Pedal Power 2? #98038

    The Cathedral manual states –

    “Plug the output of the Cathedral’s supplied AC Adapter into the 9V power jack located at the top of the Cathedral. The Cathedral requires 9 – 9.6VDC at 200mA with a center negative plug. The Cathedral accepts Boss style AC Adapters.”

    Do you know if this means the Pedal Power 2 + can power the Cathedral? The individual outputs on the PP2 are rated at 100mA (too low) and the Line 6 Outputs are rated at 250mA (too high).



    As long as the power supply’s current rating is 200mA or higher it will be fine. So the 250 mA outputs from the Pedal Power 2 should work.

    in reply to: RING THING / PROBLEM / HELP !!!!!!!! #98042

    If you’ve tried more than one expression pedal, the problem could be the Ring Thing. Do you have the switch on the bottom of the M-Audio pedal set to “M-Audio,” not “Other”?

    in reply to: V256 Vocoder question #98048

    Yes you can connect just about any electronic instrument directly to the V256. Synths work great!! Bass should work also but the richer the instrument’s harmonic content the easier it is to get a vocoded vocal.

    Yes you can use the V256 as a Mic Pre if you want. It only has a switch for setting the gain but otherwise it should work fine. You can either set it to bypass or turn the BLEND knob down to 0, both will give you just the dry vocals.

    You should be able to get Kraftwerk type voices, I assume they mostly used synths for their vocoding.

    in reply to: High Pitched sound in my Deluxe Memory Boy #109053
    Yeah, I have reduced the Feedback and it haven’t had that problem since. I guess i was initially stumped to see that even after I had bypassed the unit, the sound would come back when I engaged it again. It definitely seems like I have to be more careful with the feedback knob when I am playing around with the pedal.

    The DXMB doesn’t kill the signal in the delay loop while in bypass, it keeps it going.

    I got my Ring Thing today, and I tried using my VP Jr as an expression pedal, but when I plug it in, it doesn’t shift the pitch at all when the Thing is set for Pitch shifting. What are you guys using for expression pedals? Also, could I be doing something wrong?


    The Ring Thing EXP. PEDAL input won’t work with the average volume pedal. You need an expression pedal such as the Roland EV-5, Moog EP-2 or M-Audio EX-P. The Roland FV-500L has expression pedal capability though it is listed as a volume pedal.

    in reply to: High Pitched sound in my Deluxe Memory Boy #109034
    I just got a Deluxe Memory Boy and I’ve been playing with it for a while. I really like the pedal tone and controls, but there is one big problem. Every time I enable the delay there is a very noticeable high pitched sound coming out of my amp. I have tried this pedal in two amps and the same thing happens. I have also switched guitar cables, power supplies and nothing seems to get rid of it.

    I have made a youtube video where you can hear what I am talking about.

    Do you guys think this pedal is defective?

    I read all of your posts and watched the video. I think you should try reducing the setting of the FEEDBACK knob. In the video it was right at the point where it will start to runaway. The sound is getting stuck in the feedback loop, going through the filters and producing that oscillation that you hear in the video.

    Try setting FEEDBACK to the noon setting and I bet the oscillation goes away.

    My power supply went dead after 37 days after date of purchase so i can not take it back…Which is the correct power supply number?I can not find one list for 45ma 9volt center negative…

    This one:

    Or you could use a 1 Spot.

    just checking … for Europe it must be this one?

    That’s the correct adapter.

    in reply to: midi sync / new loop #108551
    when using the 2880 with external sync in a live situation, how do you clear the previous song’s loops to start a new song without recording loops right from the start of the external clock?

    in other words, lets say i finish a song with the 2880.. then i want to start a new song from my external sequencer. i want the old loop to clear, but i dont want to start making new loops until several bars into the new song.
    make sense?

    right now it appears to me that if you press “new loop” you will start recording silence as soon as you hit “play” on your external sequencer. if you dont press “new loop” then the last song’s loops will start playing back again.

    does anyone have a workaround for this, or am i missing something?

    Possibly the easiest way to clear the loop would be to press New Loop, followed by two presses of Record. The first press begins recording the New Loop, the second stops recording the loop. But this might be tricky if there is no MIDI Clock running at the time you try to do it. Also if you are using Quantize mode you would have to wait for a couple bars to pass by before the second Record press.

    There might not be an easy way to do this.

    in reply to: Memory Toy not working … any quick fix ?? #108550
    I have a similar problem (blend acting as backward volume, no other knobs working), but only when a power supply is plugged in. I have tried it with two different power supplies which work with other pedals, including EHX ones… It works OK with a battery.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks…

    What is the polarity of the power supplies? Make sure it’s center negative.

    in reply to: Memory Toy not working … any quick fix ?? #108549
    Just got it through the post… and its broked at the mo.

    Half the circuit board became detached upon opening, but easily connected back into place

    At the moment the blend knob acts as a volume but in reverse. Nothin else really happens elsewhere

    Any quick fix ? I see a few mention probs & solution so wondered if I was missing something here… ???

    trim pots reveal nothing.


    If the secondary board was detached after being shipped then it will behave exactly as you described, the BLEND control works as a backwards volume pot. When you re-attach the secondary board make sure all of the pins line up correctly with the socket on the main board.

    If it still doesn’t work, the secondary board may be damaged.

    My power supply went dead after 37 days after date of purchase so i can not take it back…Which is the correct power supply number?I can not find one list for 45ma 9volt center negative…

    This one:

    Or you could use a 1 Spot.

    in reply to: Memory Boy Problems #108547
    I bought a Memory boy at the beginning of this year for my bass.

    Problem: After approximately 5 uses the Chorus function stopped working. The Delay function kept working but if i was in the chorus mode with the Depth knob turned up to any position I’d get no chorus, the dry signal comes through but no chorus. If the blend was all the way clockwise (wet) there would just be no sound at all.

    I sent it back to the dealer and they replaced it for me saying it is not a common problem with EHX pedals but now my new one has just done the same thing.

    I’m running it off a 9v battery only and have tried it in my pedal board and isolated. I have run it with multiple basses (passive/active) and wonder if an active preamp may be too high input signal for the pedal to handle(?).

    Any help/info would be appreciated

    It’s got to be the battery. The battery does not last long in the Memory Boy. At best 3 or 4 hours and that might have been tested without the modulation.

    in reply to: Noisy Deluxe Memory Boy? #108546
    Just got my DXMB yesterday. When 100% wet, the delayed signal sounds “noisy.” Anyone else notice this? Is it just an analog delay artifact?

    Probably an analog delay artifact. Usually the longer the delay time, the noisier it will be.

    in reply to: The What Is The Current Draw For That EHX Pedal Thread #108545
    Can you tell me which power adapter to use for a Memory Boy ..The original i believe has shot craps i know it is 45ma 9vdc ..But the closes EHX power supply i seen is 55ma 9vdc will this one work?

    Here’s a link:

    Or you can use a 1 Spot.

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