Pico Attack Decay
Pico Attack Decay
Pico Attack Decay
Pico Attack Decay
Pico Attack Decay
Pico Attack Decay
Pico Attack Decay

Pico Attack Decay

Tape Reverse Simulator
Seductive swells and reverse tape effects push the envelope on any pedalboard!


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Backwards Tape Effect
Pedal Steel Effect
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Blues Harp Effect
Classic Rock Volume Swells
  • Pico Attack Decay | Tape Reverse Simulator
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Pico Attack Decay


The original Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator is known for producing volume and reverse swells, backward tape sounds, artificially short staccato notes, and bowed instrument effects. In 2019 the digital Attack Decay reissue was released, and now the Pico Attack Decay gives us volume envelope effects in a simplified, compact package.

The Pico Attack Decay allows you to dial in volume swells and decays, both in Mono mode—one volume envelope for all notes you play—and the revolutionary Poly mode where each note to has its own volume envelope creating cascading swell effects and leads with agile attack smoothing. With intuitive functionality and simple controls, the Pico Attack Decay opens up creative avenues for any player interested in pushing the (volume) envelope.

The Pico Attack Decay is both powerful and simple with four knobs and a mode button that let you create a wide variety of effects. The ATTACK knob sets the swell or fade-in speed of the volume envelope while the DECAY knob sets the fade-out speed of the volume envelope. Set the ATTACK higher for languid volume swells. Set the DECAY higher for artificially staccato notes for synth-like punches. SENS adjusts the threshold for triggering the envelope. VOL controls the overall output volume. A hidden BLEND control allows you to blend wet and dry signals for even more flexibility in tone.

  • Compact Pico chassis
  • Volume envelope effects of the EHX Attack Decay Reissue
  • Mono Mode: single volume envelope for all notes you play each time envelope is trigged
  • Poly Mode: Individual envelopes for each note played
  • VOL adjusts overall output volume
  • SENS sets threshold volume to trigger envelope
  • ATTACK sets fade-in time of volume envelope
  • DECAY sets fade-out time of volume envelope
  • Hidden BLEND control adjusts from 100% wet signal to 100% dry signal
  • Power adapter included


Buffered Bypass
Power Supply
9.6VDC-200mA power adapter included
Dimensions (in)
3.65 x 2.0 x 2.0
Current Draw
Year Released
Owner's Manual
Attach the output plug from the included power supply to the 9V power jack. Current draw: 100mA at 9.0VDC
Press this button to choose your volume envelope mode: Green – Mono Mode The entire signal goes through one volume envelope. Any time you play a new note or chord, the volume envelope resets, affecting every note you are playing or sustaining. Orange – Poly Mode Each note has its own volume envelope and therefore multiple volume envelopes are active at one time.
Controls the output volume.
Controls the sensitivity of the Pico Attack Decay to new notes. As SENS is turned clockwise, the more easily your playing will trigger and reset the volume envelope.
As you turn ATTACK knob clockwise, the attack time increases. Turn the ATTACK knob to minimum to disable the attack portion of the envelope.
Sets the fade-out speed of the volume envelopes. As you turn DECAY knob clockwise, the decay time increases. Turn the DECAY knob to maximum to disable the decay portion of the envelope.
Audio input to the Pico Attack Decay.
Audio output from the Pico Attack Decay.
Footswitch engages or bypasses the effect. The LED color indicates the envelope type. In bypass, the LED is off.

“We’re expecting very big things from this release!”

–Mike Matthews

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