Pico Deep Freeze

Sound Retainer / Sustainer
Expanded Freeze in a lowball-sized package!


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  • Pico Deep Freeze | Sound Retainer / Sustainer
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Pico Deep Freeze


Meeting between the original Freeze and Superego pedals is the Pico Deep Freeze Sound Retainer. With the ability to freeze a moment in sound, the Deep Freeze can act as a sustain pedal for holding chords and notes as backing for your playing or as a platform to manipulate your tone into new sounds impossible with a normal guitar. In addition to the original Freeze’s abilities, the Deep Freeze features layering, adjustable attack/decay speeds, glissando, dedicated volume controls, and 3 modes: Latch, Moment, and Auto, making it powerful pedal punching well above its weight.

The Deep Freeze allows for instant sound freezing in three modes of operation. Latch freezes sound each time the footswitch is pressed until the effect is bypassed, while Moment mode freezes sound only while the footswitch is held down. Auto mode captured sound automatically each time it senses signal above its threshold for virtually foot-free freezes. These three modes make it easy to operate the Deep Freeze in a way that fits any playing style.

Controls on the Deep Freeze let you further tailor the operation of the effect. Separate DRY and EFFECT volume controls let you blend signals from subtle backing to 100% effect experimentation. GLISS adjusts the morph time between freeze sounds creating otherworldly soundscapes. The SPEED/LAYER knob adjusts either the attack/decay time of the effect in Moment and Auto modes, or the amount of layering possible in Latch mode which makes playing impossible chords possible!

  • Compact Pico chassis
  • Instantly capture and freeze input sound
  • Three modes of operation: Latch, Moment, and Auto
  • DRY and EFFECT control volume of each signal separately
  • SPEED adjusts Attack or Decay time in Moment and Auto modes
  • LAYER sets previous layer volume attenuation
  • GLISS sets morph time between frozen sounds
  • Tap Tempo with 3 tap division modes
  • Selectable bypass topologies for flexibility in functionality
  • Power adapter included


Buffered Bypass
Power Supply
9.6VDC-200mA power adapter included
Dimensions (in)
3.65 x 2.0 x 2.0
Current Draw
Year Released
Owner's Manual
Attach the output plug from the included power supply to the 9V power jack. Current draw: 100mA at 9.0VDC
Selects how the footswitch controls the effect. LATCH (Green LED) Play a note or chord and then press and release the footswitch to activate the effect and light the LED green. After you release the footswitch, the effect remains active and your sound sustains indefinitely. Double-tap the footswitch to end the frozen sound and enter bypass. MOMENT MODE (Orange) Play a note or chord and then press and hold the footswitch to activate the effect and light the LED. The freeze effect sustains indefinitely while you hold down the footswitch. Release the footswitch and the Deep Freeze enters bypass. AUTO MODE (Red) The Deep Freeze detects each new note or chord you play and freezes it automatically. Press the footswitch to engage the effect and light the LED red. Double-tap the footswitch to return to bypass.
Controls the output level of the dry signal.
Controls the output level of the effect.
In LATCH mode, this knob controls how much of the previously frozen sound is layered onto your new freeze. In MOMENT mode, this knob controls how quickly the frozen signal fades in and out. In AUTO mode, by default, this knob controls the fade-out time of the frozen sounds after you play a new note/chord. This can be changed to affect the attack instead of the decay of the signal, see the Auto Decay & Attack Modes section for more.
This knob adjusts the speed of the gliss effect. Gliss morphs one frozen note or chord into the next; it is similar to the portamento function found on many synthesizers. As you turn the GLISS knob clockwise, the gliss time increases. To turn gliss off completely, turn the GLISS knob down all the way to its full counterclockwise position. PERFORMANCE NOTE: The easiest way to hear the gliss effect is to put the Deep Freeze into AUTO mode, completely turn down the DRY knob and set the GLISS and SPEED/LAYER knobs to 50% or higher.
Audio input to the Deep Freeze.
Audio output from the Deep Freeze.
Footswitch engages or bypasses the effect. The LED color indicates the selected mode. In bypass, the LED is off.

“We’re expecting very big things from this release!”

–Mike Matthews

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