Nano Deluxe Memory Man

Analog Delay / Chorus / Vibrato
Compact version of the classic Deluxe Memory Man featuring gorgeous bucket-brigade delay and modulation.


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  • Nano Deluxe Memory Man | Analog Delay / Chorus / Vibrato
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Nano Deluxe Memory Man


No one does analog delay and modulation like Electro-Harmonix and the Nano Deluxe Memory Man delivers the unmistakably lush delay, chorus and vibrato of the benchmark large-format Deluxe Memory Man in a compact, pedalboard ready chassis.

The Nano Deluxe Memory Man delivers EHX’s signature analog delay, chorus and vibrato plus some updates we’ve added including both Rate and Depth knobs for enhanced modulation control. It features a maximum delay time of 550mS, an internal user-accessible switch to turn delay tails on or off, true bypass switching when the tails feature is off and it comes equipped with a standard 9Volt power supply. For over 44 years the Deluxe Memory Man has been the gold standard for analog delay and modulation. Now it’s available in an ultra-compact package!

The Nano Deluxe Memory Man provides the following controls and features:

  • Adjustable delay times from 30mS up to 550mS set by the Delay control
  • Full control over the number of echo repeats right up to runaway oscillation with the Feedback knob
  • Adjustable input gain via the Level knob
  • An overload LED which lights when the signal going into the analog delay block is too hot
  • Wet/Dry mix control over the dry and delayed signals via the Blend knob
  • Depth knob which sets the amount of modulation that’s added to the delay to produce vibrato and chorus type effects
  • Rate controls the modulation speed
  • Tails Switch that sets whether the echoes decay naturally when the pedal is switched to bypass or if they are instantly muted
  • Pedalboard friendly, compact, rugged enclosure
  • Comes equipped with an Electro-Harmonix 9Volt power supply


Selectable True Bypass
Power Supply
9.6VDC-200mA power adapter included
Dimensions (in)
4.5 x 2.75 x 2.1
Current Draw
Year Released
Owner's Manual
Varies the output mix between the dry and delayed signals. The BLEND knob ranges from 100% dry (CCW position) to 100% wet (CW position). Set BLEND to the center position for equal levels of both.
Controls the amount of signal that is circulated from the output of the delay block back to its input yielding delay repeats, or multiple echoes. If set very high, runaway oscillation will occur. Fairly high feedback with short delay settings produces a reverb effect.
Sets delay time from 30ms to 550ms. As DELAY is turned clockwise, the delay time increases. Turning the DELAY knob while playing can produce strange, eerie and unusual pitch-shift effects, especially with FEEDBACK set above noon. Note: it is normal to hear ring modulation artifacts when DELAY is set above 3 o’clock.
Sets the input gain for the Nano DMM. Both the wet and dry signals mixed by the BLEND knob go through the gain block. We recommend starting with LEVEL turned to 12 o’clock, setting the BLEND knob for the proper mix between wet and dry signals, then adjust the LEVEL knob for an ideal volume balance between effect and bypass modes.
Adjusts the speed of modulation. As RATE is turned clockwise, the modulation speed increases. The original DMM has a rate switch labeled Chorus and Vibrato. To achieve the same Chorus and Vibrato settings on the Nano DMM: set RATE to 9 o’clock for the Chorus setting; set RATE to 2 o’clock for the Vibrato setting. The DEPTH knob must be set above the full CCW position to hear the RATE knob change the modulation speed.
Sets the amount of modulation that is added to the effect. As DEPTH is turned clockwise, modulation width increases. Modulation is produced by sweeping the delay time with a repeating LFO. The Nano DMM’s built-in modulation produces vibrato style effects when the BLEND knob is set to maximum or produces chorus type effects when BLEND is set to the middle. Turn DEPTH down to the full counter-clockwise position to disable modulation.
Audio input to the Nano DMM.
Audio output from the Nano DMM.
The footswitch engages or bypasses the effect. An internal TAILS switch makes delay echoes ring out to their natural feedback decay after entering bypass mode. When TAILS is on, the pedal uses buffered bypass. When TAILS is off, the delay echoes are muted upon entering bypass and the pedal is True-Bypass.
The OVERLOAD LED lights when the delayed signal starts to smoothly clip.
The STATUS LED lights when the effect is engaged. In bypass mode, the STATUS LED is off.
9V Power Jack
Attach the output plug from the included power supply to the 9V power jack.

“No one does analog delay and modulation like Electro-Harmonix!”

–Mike Matthews

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