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    Nothing new planned.


    Hello, if ever there is plan for a 22500 FW update, pleeeaaase consider the option to allow bank up/down ( with the external ctrl) without stop playing! just jump from bank 21 to 22 with continous play.

    This would allow incredible structure of chorus/verse/intro/outro…….a full “wish you were here” in a few banks.



    A little off topic but has to do with the 22500 and cant find how to create a new topic keeps saying login when i am logged in
    my board has a super switcher and a 22500 on it
    is there a way to use the switcher to change the banks on the looper?

    any help would be appreciated


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    It does seem like future support for this pedal is a long shot. But in my opinion, is still the best, musical and compact looper you can find. There are two things, if there ever is a new update I think would make this pedal even better.
    1. Analog sync, Using the footswitch input as a sync for a synth, drum machine or both would be great. Currently I’m using a workaround by sending a sync signal to my synth through the right output, by a modified rhythm track.

    2. Mixdown. This might not be possible. But if you could combine two independent loops (only in quantized obvs) it would make it amazing. However I can see this not working, since say you have a 2 bar drum thing going, and a 9 bar bass line. The new loop would have to now be 18 bars to combine correctly, but as long as quantized is on, it should work in theory. But I get that this might not be possible.

    Last would maybe be to modify the erase loop feature, to something like a double Loong press, so you don’t end up stopping the rhythm track when deleting a loop.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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