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    I’m not familiar with the programming of the DMC.
    I have a Midibaby3 by Disaster Area, which is easily programmable via its web app.

    For example: I wanna toggle Reverse on the 1440, which is PC 23.
    For the Midibaby to work I have to set it like this:
    – Message Type: Program Change
    – Midi Channel: 1 (I normally use every device on CH1)
    – Data: Send single value
    – Value: 23

    Do you have similar options on the DMC?


    Btw I took a loo at the DMC manual, but I don’t understand how you could possibly program it to send out a given PC.
    As you told me, it only sends you a High and Low value… try ask directly Disaster Area for support and suggestion.

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    Gila, thanks for responding and your help!
    I thought I submitted this earlier but it never went through… I am hopeful to still use CC messages to control the 1440. I know Disaster Area has a firmware release coming soon so maybe that will clean some things up.

    Unlike the morningstar,the DMC will scroll through PC messages but when programming a footswitch it only sends a CC message. (*it might make sense to have 21 be a blank message so a PC code for the loop swtitch isn’t accidentally sent.)
    Here are my options:
    1. DEVICE # – set to “3” as is the MIDI # ON the 1440.
    2. CC # – Also set to “3.”
    3. MESSAGE TYPE – set to “ONE” which only sends the high value. Other options include toggle (switches between high and low values), return (sends the high value followed by the low), note (sends a midi note with the high value being the velocity).
    4. LOW VALUE – currently set to “0.”
    5. HIGH VALUE – I have tried “31” for RV.OC and “32” for retrigger but have gotten no response.

    I will take whatever thoughts you have – it would be great to get even more out of my set-up!


    Any news about the firmware update for 1440?


    No news. We haven’t gotten to the firmware update yet. Sorry about that.


    For those who want to alternate a chorus/verse, I managed to switch to the next/previous loop and immediately trigger it by sending following program changes (with roughly 6ms delay between each):

    1. PC 31 (actually 30) STOP function
    2. PC 35 or 36 (actually 34/35) Loop select down/up
    3. PC 22 (actually 21) Loop FSW press

    When you send this sequence, this stops the recording/playing of the current loop switch to the next/previous loop and start directly the recording/playing of this loop.

    This way you can:

    1. Start to record your verse on loop 1, by pressing the “Loop FSW” on the 1440
    2. You send the sequence above and this will: stop and save the recording on loop 1, go to loop 2 and start the recording on loop 2.
    3. You send again the sequence above (with loop down) and this will: stop and save the recording on loop 2, go to loop 1 and start to play loop 1

    Or even more fancy:

    1. Start to record your verse on loop 1, by pressing the “Loop FSW” on the 1440
    2. Stop the recording your verse on loop 1 and let the verse loop by pressing again the “Loop FSW” on the 1440 (as you would do normally)
    3. You send the sequence above and this will: stop the playing and save loop 1, go to loop 2 and start the recording on loop 2.
    4. Stop the recording your chorus on loop 2 and let the chorus loop by pressing the “Loop FSW” on the 1440
    5. You send again the sequence above (with loop down) and this will: stop the playing and save the recording on loop 2, go to loop 1 and start to play your verse again on loop 1

    Or any combination of the above, put verse on loop 1, bridge on loop 2 and chorus on loop 3, if you plan to go through the bridge between each chorus/verse.

    This is almost gap-less (if I reduce the delay below 6ms, the switching starts to behave a bit funny, loops are not reliably stored, etc… but at first glance, the latency seems fully acceptable with 2x6ms)

    I guess it is also possible to program several switches to access directly to loop 1-20 (with PC1-20) replacing the second PC of my list. This way you could have direct access to chorus/bridge/verse/…

    Still experimenting though, maybe EHX Staff can give some hints on the best timing/delays or command sequence.



    I’ve been searching around the net and on TB and can’t find much on anyone AB’ing the vintage vs reissue clone theory.

    Wanderson Bomfim


    I am tottaly new on the 1440. I used rc500 boss for a long time but I was looking for something more practical. So I bought it. I am trying to use the 1440 as a slave of my beatbuddy but I have no idea how or what I should do. Is there anyone who could help me with a tutorial or a step by step synchronization of the beatbuddy and the 1440, please? Thanks for the help.


    Still no progress on the firmware update to fix those tiny issues I’ve pointed out 1 year ago?


    We’re actually working on them now. Stay tuned.


    Great, looking forward!!!


    Hello, glad to see this thread is still alive. Been massively appreciating the firmware update for the improved midi sync and ability to control via midi. It works beautifully with a custom midi controller I’ve programmed. However, I find myself frustrated with a specific use-case: if I prepare a piece of audio to export to the 1440 via the loop manager software, it automatically sets the loop tempo to the default 120 and there’s no way to change this. This makes it impossible to take advantage of midi sync with loops that have been uploaded via USB, as the 1440 will always assume the original tempo of the loop is 120bpm, and will pitch it up or down to match the midi clock tempo. For example, I load a 98bpm loop into the 1440, and run my midi master clock at 98bpm to sync up everything on my pedal board. Now the 1440, thinking the loop’s tempo is 120, pitches my loop way down to “match” the 98bpm coming in from the midi clock.

    Obviously one “solution” might be to disable the external midi sync. But not all clock sources are built equal. If my DAW and midi clock source don’t measure 98bpm PRECICESLY the same, the loop will fall out of sync with the midi clock.

    Is there any chance of an update that allows us to set the tempos of loops while exporting from the loop manager?


    That’s another good input marco!
    I hope this time EHX will do a proper announcement when the firmware will be ready.


    Thank you for the feature request to allow a way to assign BPM to loops exported to the 1440. That’s going to be a little tricky for us to figure out so it won’t be part of the firmware update we’re currently working on. It has been added to our feature request list though.



    Thanks for the quick reply. To be taken with a grain of salt of course, because I can’t say I know what goes on behind the scenes of a firmware update, but one potential solution could be to allow the user to set the tempo of a loop slot on the 1440 using the existing controls, and simply stop the loop manager from overwriting it back to 120 when uploading audio.

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