Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose

Spruce Goose

Liftoff with the EHX Spruce Goose Overdrive!


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  • Spruce Goose | Overdrive
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Spruce Goose


Liftoff with the EHX Spruce Goose Overdrive, an elevated take on a Bluesbreaker®-style OD with a smooth, rich breakup that retains clarity and dynamics. The Spruce Goose soars with a host of new features including a LIFT switch accessing 3 input gain settings, additional output, and expanded EQ to send your tone flying! From meaty boost to smooth singing leads, the Spruce Goose steers your tone into a variety of inspiring and musical directions.

The engine of the Spruce Goose is an overdrive circuit renowned for its natural breakup and amp-like response. This circuit is then elevated to new heights by the LIFT switch which selects between 3 levels of input gain. LIFT effectively works as an input boost, goosing the front end of the drive circuit hitting harder and producing a more compressed, saturated tone while still retaining its dynamic feel and transparent tone. GAIN and VOL knobs adjust for exact drive and output levels. EQ of the pedal consists of a TREBLE knob for taming topping and an active BASS knob to cut or boost bass frequencies. BASS is especially helpful for adding girth to single coil guitars or tightening the low end on warmer humbucker guitars.

The Spruce Goose also features mechanical relay true bypass switching with latching and momentary action. Tap the footswitch for a normal latching toggle or press and hold the footswitch for a momentary blast of gain and boost! Great for stepping out in front of the mix for pulling quick lick or moment of sonic chaos.

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  • OD circuit inspired by Marshall Bluesbreaker®
  • Enhanced output range
  • LIFT Switch adds gain to push saturation
  • Active BASS Knob sets low end response
  • VOL, GAIN and TREBLE knobs
  • True Bypass Soft FSW w/ latch and momentary action
  • 9V battery included (9V adapter optional)


True Bypass
Power Supply
9V battery included (optional 9.6VDC-200mA power adapter not included)
Dimensions (in)
4.5 x 2.75 x 2.1
Current Draw
Year Released
Owner's Manual
An optional 9VDC, center-negative power supply can be connected to the power jack to provide power without a battery. The Spruce Goose requires 20mA at 9VDC on a center-negative plug. Do not exceed 12VDC at the power jack.
Sets the output level of the Spruce Goose.
Adjusts the amount of gain and distortion. As you turn this knob clockwise, your signal gets louder and more saturated.
LIFT gooses the input signal before it hits the overdrive circuit. The mid position provides 9dB of gain, which helps get more drive from low output pickups. The high position provides 21dB of gain, adding even more saturation and distortion. The low position does not provide any additional gain.
Controls the low frequency EQ of your signal. The bass EQ is flat at noon. As you turn BASS clockwise from noon, the bass response increases. As you turn counterclockwise from noon, the bass response is cut.
Controls the high frequency EQ of your signal. The higher the setting, the brighter the output signal.
Audio input jack. Impedance: 680kΩ.
Audio output Jack. Impedance: 550Ω.
The soft footswitch engages or bypasses the effect. The status LED lights when the effect is engaged. The LED is off in bypass. The Spruce Goose employs True Bypass with a mechanical relay. The footswitch includes a momentary action when you press and hold the switch for more than half a second. The momentary footswitch action may also be disabled.

“I put the blood of my life into this pedal. I have my reputation rolled up in it... if it is a failure I probably will leave this country and never come back, and I mean it.”

–Mike Matthews

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