“The sonic footprint of the Big Muff is unmistakable; you’ve heard it thousands of times”

SonicScoop takes a close look at the EHX J Mascis Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi and put the pedal through its paces.

Dan Gluszak writes, “With the pedal zeroed out (all controls at 12 o’clock), I was immediately greeted with a warm, almost tube-like tone. With some light tweaking of both the Tone and Sustain knobs, which were rotated clockwise to about 3 o’clock, the quality of the overdrive emerged rich, thick, articulate (there’s that word)–and the breakup had a lush, almost creamy quality to it.”

Summing it up, Gluszak notes, “There aren’t many pedal manufacturers I trust the way I trust Electro-Harmonix. Not only are they always bringing new and exciting offerings to the table, but they are doing it with the same innovation and no-compromise ethos that they have become known for. Not to mention, their products don’t break the bank.”

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