This quick, very musical video features the extremely talented High Low Duo of Jack Petruzzelli and Cameron Greider performing with EHX’s V256 Vocoder. Jack is a founding member of the Fab Faux and the two NY-based guitarists/vocalists have played with a who’s who of rock and pop artists.

The EHX V256 is a versatile, easy-to use vocoder in a compact pedal format. It features:

  • Reflex Tune, EHX’s automatic pitch correction
  • Instrument control for monophonic pitch replacement
  • Vocoder band adjustments from 8-256 bands
  • Gender bender for male or female emphasis
  • 3 Robotic voices and single, major and minor drones all with pitch control
  • XLR microphone connector with phantom power
  • Transposition for pitch shifting