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    Third replacement from Sweetwater. They all do the same thing. They work for a few days. Then suddenly when turning your pedal board on, all 3 Channels of the Tri-parallel Mixer wake up on and stuck, but not transmitting anything from the pedals arranged in the 3 channels. I have to unplug the power to the pedal, hold down all 3 Channels, plug the power to the pedal back in & I’m back in business. I’m powering the pedal with the exact required power from a Strymon Zuma. All cables leading to and from are Mogami. It does the same thing using the provided power supply from EHX. Sweetwater can’t replicate the issue, but I’m convinced their method isn’t sound because first, they aren’t testing with a full pedal board & second, they aren’t playing with it for 3 days until the issue starts to happen.


    I’ve just had the same thing happen to mine. Ordered new from Sweetwater, worked perfect for 2 weeks, never left the table top, never used any power besides the included. But just today when I turned it on, I get all lights on, and it now requires a full factory reset each time to work. I’d hate to have to return it, I love the features!



    I would go to the Sweetwater site and post a review of the Tri-parallel and post how yours is acting. Maybe they’ll start treating the issue more serious. I’m also going to submit a ticket to ehx customer service and point out your user name as someone else having the same issue. Maybe you could do the same.


    What is the status on this issue? I am wanting to purchase one, but am holding off based on the info in this thread.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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