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    Hello Martin,

    Funny, I just returned to this thread to check out what I had done previously as I had gone through quite a few reconfigurations and when I reconnected the Super Pulsar as I thought it had been, it no longer worked as it had so I wanted to go through my previous steps.

    I can confirm that having had no luck, when I followed the steps in my previous two posts, I am getting intermittent success using my Zoom R24 and metronome set to ‘Click’ and level set at 20% in the settings and the headphone output set to full – Super Pulsar set to External Switch. When the beat LED flashes, it is smack on the beat from the R24 but occasionally, it throws a wobbler and goes a bit random.

    From my perspective, I find it a bit odd that modulation pedals, especially top end ones, don’t have a solid means of synching to a beat – when I play with the Super Pulsar, I find myself playing along with the Super Pulsar’s beat but if it is out of synch with the drums, chaos soon follows. With delay pedals, tap tempo is okay as the effect doesn’t normally last more than a few seconds and it applies to the notes played but tremolo is basically pulsating the magnitude of the whole output so needs to be synchronised to not sound awful. I’m not in a band but I suppose a drummer could play along to the tremolo tempo.

    Anyway, I’m still trying to get consistent results after two years so I’ll post any progress.


    At least twice a week, I seem to find myself looking for a third party solution to this problem (I think I have exhausted the options provided by Super Pulsar and the Zoom R24). Anyway, on my last expedition, I found this:


    I ordered one and I’m waiting for it to arrive but on paper, it is exactly what is needed. It currently says that it is out of stock, as I bought the last one, but the seller is very friendly and helpful and I’m sure he will be making more.


    Just an update to say that the device linked above arrived today and with a little tweaking, I got both the Super Pulsar and Mod-Rex synched to the metronome on my Zoom R24 using a modified 3.5mm to two ¼” jack splitter (I couldn’t find a mono cable so I split the cable insulation at an appropriate point and linked the tip and ring wires). I can’t believe how solid everything sounds now – I have five channels diverging from my guitar/effects.

    I need to tidy up the connections now it is all working, though, there are cables everywhere!


    All was going so well but I just discovered that Mod-Rex does not synch properly with BPM lower than about 80. It is possible to manually set the BPM to 30 so it isn’t as if it is outside technical specs.

    I’ll start a separate thread about it.


    Hola, hay algun dispositivo que reciva midi beat clock y entregue click al superpulsar?


    Hello Punkymep

    Translation: ‘Hello, is there any device that receives midi beat clock and delivers click when superpulsing?’

    See my earlier post and my replies to it. This works but only over about 30bpm:

    Tap/Clock input device for Super Pulsar


    Punkymep, the Disaster Areas SMARTClock Gen3 can receive MIDI Beat Clock and output a tap signal. Here’s a link: https://www.disasterareadesigns.com/shop/p/smart-clock-gen-3

    Using a TS Cable, connect the SMARTClock’s Output A to Super Pulsar’s TAP/CLK IN jack. Make sure the Super Pulsar is set to External Switch mode, which it is by default.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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