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    Hello to everyone, i’m proud to be part of EHX world!
    I need your help, this thing is gonna drive me crazy.
    I have recently bought an amazing superego plus, and i’m learning night and day everything i can to use it good. I saw this amazing video on EHX channel on YouTube (is that a Bill ruppert One?). Here’s The video:
    At 5.45 he used superego pitch effect with an expression pedal. I try to doing in The same way but The sound is not The same. Could anyone please help me doing this? Does anyone know how to set superego in this effect?



    what is your DEPTH set to?

    The expression pedal for the pitch mode works different than all the others. The DEPTH knob set counter clockwise will have the most prominent effect from the expression pedal and fully clockwise you won’t here any change the expression pedal is making.

    All other modes higher DEPTH will have the expression pedal movement make more prominent changes in the sound. Also the RATE knob will adjust the pitch of the “un-whammied” signal but have no effect on the whammied sound. The RATE knob does not alter the sound on any other setting if (and only if) something is plugged into the EXP input

    hope that makes sense. I love using expression with this pedal but it was a little counter intuitive at first.

    I really wish EHX produced the multifx section was its own pedal too.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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