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    Is there any way to get all the tracks recorded on the 22500 looper to be output from the single mono output? I normally have a bassguitar, a small keyboard and my vocals, but when recording I can only hear the Left inputs being recorded, since i’m running it to my mono input only amp. I’m guessing there are plugs one can buy or something, but it feels a bit cluttered. Since the BossRC3 (which was my first looper) had two mono 6.5-Jacks (Left and Right) and one stereo 3.5-jack inputs, which all could be heard through a single mono output.
    Is there a setting I’m missing or is this just a limitation of the hardware?

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    This is a limitation of the hardware. The channels remain separate throughout the 22500 from input to loop audio to output. So anything recorded onto a loop from the Left input is output on the Left output only. Same for the right channel as well. The channels don’t ever mix together at any point in the 22500.


    Thanks! Ive since bought a stereo to mono adapter which makes me able to hear both tracks through my amp.
    I have also come to love the fact that they don’t mix, since it means I record the instruments separately and can get each file out for mixing or continuing my idea in a DAW.
    Which in practice means I can record four instruments that get their own seperate channel when pulling out the files, two in loop a and two in loop b
    Such a genius device!

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