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    Trying to emulate a Gamelan like sound for my arpeggios, I delved in Ring Modulators but the consistency problem is double in this regard: In Pitch AND Timbre. Triple if you put in account that the nicest Ring mod bell doesn’t have the same magical sacred, harmonic makeup of a Gamelan bell.

    At this point my best bet is to get a Key9 and use either the Mallets, Vibes or Steel Drums, for their envelope and tremolo (the latter of the Vibes especially, that emulates the Gamelan frequency beating) and pass them through my RING THING.

    But why not add to the 9 series some Metallic sounds, that Include:
    A) Ring Modulation metallic timbres that the user can formulate with Cntrl#1 along with some harmonic tremolo for Cntrl#2
    B) Gamelan timbres, there is a variety of them.
    C) Gongs and bells big or small, don’t forget them cowbells, we always need more.
    D) Metallic objects like springs, coils, rods, sheets etc. like the ones you sometimes find in DIY instruments used by percussionists.

    I think a list of 9 timbres can be formulated. Call it M9 for Metallic?


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