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    King Weapon

    I’ve had this pedal for a few weeks now and am blown away by the range of sounds. I use this pedal mainly for bass and it can get everything from
    a simple Spring to full on droney ambiance. My favorite function is the Hold/Infinite (somewhat similar to the Freeze).

    Here’s a short clip of me using the beautiful Shim mode:

    Amazing job EHX!!!


    Very cool. Sounds great with bass.

    Tommy V

    Very Nice!

    looks like i need to add an Oceans 11 to my collection now 😆


    I’m loving the Oceans 11… I added it to my church rig last year. The shimmer effect is especially useful. Excellent for filling in single notes and chords whenever we don’t have a keyboard player. It does a ton of other effects very well too. So much so, that I added the Oceans 12 to my pedalboard as well. I’m NOT ashamed. Worship music isn’t all that far removed from shoegaze. Who knew?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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