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    Hi Guys,
    I’m owning a superswitcher which work really good for me as i have all my pedal connected and can change the sounds really easily. What i do, is just changing channels, scrolling through banks up and down.. But I’m not aware on how the midi works.
    Now i want to spread my knowledge about midi controls. You see, i have 3 Strymon pedals and i know i could connect them through midi as well.
    Can’t really understand that well from the manual how it works, so I’m wondering if you have any link of a video or any other source where i can read how all this works. Can you help?

    Many thanks,



    For MIDI messages used to change presets on other pedals, usually you want to use MIDI Program Change messages, abbreviated as MIDI PC. Each MIDI PC message consists of a MIDI channel and the PC number. Usually you set each receiving device to its own channel to avoid confusion, although you don’t have to do this.

    On the Super Switcher, each preset can send one PC message (and also a Control Change message, CC). When you load a preset on the Super Switcher by pressing its footswitch, the Super Switcher sends out the PC message. You must make sure the PC button is lit for a given preset, the Super Switcher only sends MIDI messages if the PC button is lit. So load the preset, for example 1-2, and press the PC button to light it. The next time you press footswitch 2, to load 1-2, it will send a MIDI PC message.

    To edit a MIDI PC message on the Super Switcher, load the preset that you want the PC message to be attached to. Then press and hold the PC button until you see PCN in the display. PCN represents the PC message to be sent. Turning VALUE will show ChL, which represents the PC message’s MIDI channel. From page 9 of the manual, do the following:

    • With the character display showing PCN, press VALUE. The character display will show a three-digit number.
    • Turn VALUE to select the PC message number. The range is 000-127. (These values are the presets numbers that will be loaded by the receiving device. Sometimes the PC numbers don’t always match the preset number on the device.)
    • Press VALUE again to go back to PCN.
    • Turn VALUE so the display shows ChL. Press and release VALUE.
    • Turn VALUE to select the PC send channel. The range is 01-16 and ONI for Omni, which sends the PC message on all channels.
    • Press and hold VALUE to exit PC message edit.

    Now ensure the PC button is lit for the preset and the next time you press the footswitch associated with the preset, the PC message you just set up will send.

    Make sure to match the channel you set on the Super Switcher to the channel setting on the Strymon pedal. Start with Channel 1 or ONI (OMNI) on the Super Switcher. Omni mode sends the PC message on all 16 channels.


    That’s clearer, will have some fun tonight at home editing the presets. Thanks,



    Now, I want get this right.

    from the midi out of my SuperSwitcher goes into the midi in of my TimeLine, from the midi out of my TimeLine to the midi in of the Mobius, from the midi out of the Mobius goes into the midi in of the BlueSky, and then from the midi out of the BluSky goes into the midi in of the SuperSwitcher.
    Is all this correct?

    Thankyou guys!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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