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    So I have recently acquired a key 9 electric piano machine and am really loving all the great sounds it has to offer. However I was wondering if there are any resources for learning some of the more recognizable piano tunes. (Perhaps videos or tab or something of that nature). Or even just some tips for playing some iconic licks. Thanks in advance!


    Ditto! I just got my Key 9 today – lots of fun! I’m hacking up Petty’s “Breakdown” right now…


    This sounds like I may be interested in it in the future, it could be nice to be able to get a good piano sound without having one available at all times… Since I’m often moving around due to my job and that the only “stable” place I’m looking at in the next 5 years is one of these Athenian house for the holidays, the Key9 sounds like the perfect option.


    I was able to find this tab which had the piano section to no quarter rewritten for guitar if anyone would like to give it a shot.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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