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    Ive tried editing the tempo notes a million different ways and i still can’t get my mono drum loop to play on the looper


    I have not done it yet. The manual sez it has to loaded onto the card as a .wav file. Connect to your computer with a usb cable. Or just record it as a track.


    I have searched the manual for “drum” and “drum loops” and only find p39 listing factory drum loops. Where did you find info on user drum loops?

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    I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried renaming my loops to the place holder names and re-writing the txt doc to match my PC project but nothing shows up on the unit. In fact it seems to think that loop is completely blank, the new loop button lights up when I select it.

    Even weirder, I plug the unit back into the PC and all the audio’s still present and the txt doc is still edited.

    Can’t believe they promoted this feature and have neglected to provide any guidance as to how to make it actually function correctly. So lame


    In the 95000’s manual, check the section titled “Importing Audio Files”, found on Page 31. Every detail must be followed exactly as described in the manual for the 95000 to recognize your imported audio files.

    One thing that is sometimes overlooked, the numbered track files must be mono while the mixdown track file must be stereo.

    For the TEMPO.TXT file, we recommend you copy this file from a loop made by the 95000 and update the tempo BPM to match your audio. You really don’t need to change any other settings in this text file.


    I’ve tried a few new things and was able to get my loops audio to come out of the 95000 but it still isn’t functioning correctly at all. The closet it’s been to working correctly was when I loaded the same loop on to every track (but the mixdown track) figuring the unmatching values between TRACK1 and the rest may have been the problem. That resulted in the loops sound finally being present on all 6 tracks BUT the 95000 doesn’t loop the tracks at the right point. Now all of a sudden there’s a drum track present on TRACKM (of a completely wrong tempo and length) that I didn’t load into it (not a loop from my PC at all, have no idea where it’s from) and it’s controlling where the looped audio is stopping/starting. The drum sounds on TRACKM definitely we’re not related to loops present on tracks 1-6 either, so it couldn’t have even been a “mixdown” I somehow didn’t realize in case you were wondering.
    I went back and added a loop of the exact same length/tempo etc into the TRACKM track thinking that’d at least make it the right length; then I’d just record over it at some point as I recorded over the duplicate tracks on tracks 2-6 but that just caused the 95000 to not recognize any of it (no audio present, in fact the new loop button is lighting up again whenever I switch to that loop).

    I don’t know why this aspect is so unintuitive, or why there’s no helpful information or troubleshooting to be found anywhere online; that’s a huge oversight on someone’s part in my opinion; I’m pretty pissed at this whole situation and may just return it.

    I’m very familiar with loopers/multi-trackers/PCs/computer software and I’ve now spent 4 hours trying to do what should be a simple task for this device yet I’m out of ideas as to how to get it to do what you promote it to do. The 95000 is a couple years old now so I find it shocking that this still hasn’t been streamlined at all via firmware update. That’s just insane to me.

    One more thing, I think one of my initial issues I was having was a loop possibly being to long for the 95000. Is there a maximum loop length? Is it an amount of bars or an actual time limit? If so that should have already been finable information both online and in the users manual.

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    I’ll check to make sure the TRACKM track was stereo but if somehow that’s the issue wow, what a lot of hoops there are to jump through to get a single perfectly formatted loop from PC to 95000. Seems under developed.


    Let us know how it goes with a stereo TRACKM wav file.

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