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    What can I say?
    I love the HOG.
    It’s a wonderful device.
    It’s tracking is great. Not perfect, but damn good.
    It’s a tweaker’s dream. So many options. So many different sounds. It is mind boggling.
    But it can also be used very simply, you don’t have to use the voices and can just put up the original slider and mess with the envelope, the filter, and/or the expression modes.

    I can make so many different wonderful sounds with it.

    -detuned sliders like on the POG
    -a pitch shifting expression mode that could go both directions somehow without changing, so I could emulate working a whammy bar on my guitar.


    I’m totally in love with the Freeze Gliss feature. I have a song idea that I want to record soon using it.

    The guys from HCFX have heard my HOG soundclip before, but for those who haven’t:


    I’ve been meaning to write something using the freeze gliss feature for my current band. But we’re pretty fast paced and so it is sort of a challenge to mix prog/ambient technique with punk rock energy. But it is a fun challenge. :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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