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    Hi just got and tried out the BMpHP and so far it’s everything I wanted except for one flaw. Thankfully I think you guys can fix it in a firmware update.

    The problem is that the signal to blink the preset LED display causes a fairly loud (at least noticeable) clicking noise in the audio. This happens when either using the rotary knob to select a preset or when the indicator dot is blinking to show that the settings have been altered from the current presets settings. When the entire number display is blinking during preset selection is when it is the loudest, but thankfully most people probably wouldn’t have audio coming through that they want to process when this is happening. What is more troubling is the noise that happens when you have changed the settings away from the preset and the indicator dot is blinking. It is not quite as loud but it happens when you are likely playing/processing audio. This kinda ruins dynamic control (whether via midi or the knobs) or even hunting for a new preset from an existing one.

    So… assuming that this is hardware noise when the preset display is blinking and cannot be eliminated, my suggestion is to change the firmware to make the indicator dot to be lit up steadily when the settings have been changed away from the preset instead of blinking. I think the only other time the dot is used is after a preset is saved when it is lit steady. Not sure how you would want to handle that to disambiguate the indicator, but changing it to blinking would at least affect the sound only the one time after it has been saved. You could even blink it for maybe 3 or 5 blinks to confirm the save then turn it off.


    Thank you for alerting us to this issue. We are looking into it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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