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    Hi, I had to write this review due to how awesome the EHX Silencer is. I am the original owner of an early 70’s BIG MUFF PI. I used the BIG MUFF when I first purchased it but then I put it away and it sat all these years until a couple of weeks ago. The main reason I didn’t use the BIG MUFF was due to the nose these things make (btw perfectly normal for this pedal) also I had a hard time using it on stage due to the noise especially when you mic the amp. This all changed when I decided to try using the EHX Silencer this thing is the best pedal for what it does! The BIG MUFF in conjunction with the Silencer is the perfect marriage and because of this the BIG MUFF is now one of my favorite pedals and no more noise! I can’t say enough about the Silencer and I’m so happy that I found this pedal. Just make sure to hook up the silencer with your effect pedal using the send and receive on the pedal.

    I would post a photo here but not sure how to do that.


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