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    Hello Forum,

    as the title says, i’m trying to synch the 95000 as slave to the elektron digitakt as master clock.
    I would like to use bx or cx mode for that but can’t get a “clean” synch.

    Do you have any ideas what i might do wrong?

    I have set the following:
    – Digitakt Clock Send -> yes
    – 95000 external clock ( bx ) + quantization




    Can you describe a little more the clean sync problem you’re running into? What are you hearing that is not right? How is the 95000 acting that is off?

    Can you tell us your button push sequence between the Digitackt and 95000?


    Thank you for the reply!

    1. I have the digitakt with send clock active and press play, a programmed beat plays
    2. i have the 95000 set to cx + quantize + new loop. wenn i hit record, it starts recording. here is a video of what the counter is doing then. is this expected behaviour? http://dev.leonreindl.de/temp/95000.mov

    I have tried it both with count in bars and 0.




    Thanks for the video. That definitely does not look right. Not sure what’s going on exactly.

    Do you have another MIDI cable to try?

    Do you have another device that generates MIDI clock to try with the 95000? Or another device that will receive MIDI clock to try with the Digitakt?



    i did try another midi cable which was not the issue.
    I discovered the issue and i’m terribly sorry!

    Another drum machine was also sending a clock thus confusing the 95000.

    I’m sorry! Topic can be closed/marked as resolved 🙂




    No need to apologize. So glad to hear the issue was resolved. Have fun with your set up!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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