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    Hi from cologne, the 1440 sounds wonderful and works great with my old Marshall Amps from the sixties!!!
    BUT: First problem – after import my recordings with the USB cable into my iMac and also in my Windows PC which worked very well – is, I can hear only one side in the MAC and in my PC the left side very very quietly??? Of course I made a second recording into the stereo input, but with the same result.
    Second problem is almost nothing can be heard (extremely quiet). My Mac/PC works fine and everything is ok with it. I read in the internet from another guy with the same problem. Even though I turned the output volume from my Mac/PC all the way up.
    Please let me know how I make sure to hear both sides(Stereo) and with full volume in my Mac/PC. Because that`s the main reason I bought this pedal: To import my recordings into my Mac/PC and share with email to my band mates.
    Last question: Why there is no software update possible? The EHX answer: EHX1440 can’t be updated, because it was opened from a read-only or a temporary location.
    Hoping for answers and greetings from cologne in germany.


    1. Loop audio is only on one of the stereo channels: The 1440 keeps the Left and Right channels separate from Input to Loop Recording to Output. So if you record a loop with only something plugged into the Left channel, only the left channel of the imported stereo wave file will have audio. Same is true if you record only plugged into the Right channel.

    2. Extremely Quiet: Do you have the volume on your guitar at maximum? There is a wide range of amplitudes available depending on the pickups in your guitar. Some guitars have a very quiet average volume. You might need a booster pedal between your guitar and 1440 to make the recordings louder. Or you could import the wave files into software, like Audacity, and increase the amplitude of the waveform with software.

    3. No Software Update: You might already have the latest firmware on your 1440? When you power it up, it will show a firmware version. What does it display you when you apply power? The latest version is 57.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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