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    Just a tip for Superego Plus users. I’ve owned the Superego Plus for a few years now and long ago I had someone make me a footswitch that does what the Cntl Knob pedal does. It toggles back and forth between heel-down and heel-up, which is how you recall presets on the Superego Plus (and a few others that I know of like the Line 6 DL4). This way you don’t need to have the expression pedal in order to recall all 22 presets, you simply pick the effect you want and use the Cntl Knob to switch between Bank A (heel down) and Bank B (toe up). I couldn’t own the Superego Plus and not have this feature, it’s killer.

    Also I made my first post on this forum 12 years ago, wild. It’s not as popular a forum as it used to be, but rock on all who will read this

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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