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    The POG is a polyphonic octave generator. Previous analogue octave generators were non-polyphonic. The couldn’t handle intervals and chords because of the way the circuits had to be designed. The Octave Multiplexer is an analogue octave down machine. The Octavix is an analogue octave up machine. Both of them are glitchy, in other words they don’t track consistently over a broad range, and both are monophonic. They get confused when there are too many notes.

    The Canyon Delay and Looper has a built-in digital polyphonic octave generator which we can turn into a POG by disabling the repeats.

    [strong]Control Settings[/strong]

    FX LVL: 12:00
    DELAY: Minimum
    FEEDBACK: Minimum to about 2:00

    [strong]Playing Tips[/strong]

    Set the control knobs as above. Hold the Tap Divide button for 2 seconds to activate the secondary functions. Use the DELAY control to set the octave up volume. Use the FEEDBACK control to set the octave down volume. Use the FX LVL control to set the original octave volume. Tap the Tap Divide button to exit the secondary functions. Play some notes. If you sweep the FEEDBACK control from minimum to about 12:00, you start to add in additional octaves. If you continue to sweep the FEEDBACK control to about 2:00, you will add third level octaves. You can have about 7 octaves going at the same time (!) – original, 3 up, and 3 down. If you’re careful with the settings and your playing style, you can get that classing POG and HOG organ sound.


    Hi ! thanks for the advices.
    I have a question :
    I use the octave part for solos with fuzz, for my stoner/doom band.
    Normally octaver must be directly in front of the chain, but if i do that, i’m doomed to use it for the octaver, cause delays and others must be at the end of the chain.
    So for the moment, i use it in fx loop, what’s your advice about the placement ? fx loop or directly in the chain?
    Thanks 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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