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    To date, all of the 9 pedals seem to emulate keyboard synthesizers. I currently have a C9, Mel9, and Synth9. Although the Mel9 has a Mellotron brass setting, it does not sound anything like a real brass section.

    It would be great if you could take actual brass samples and develop a Brass9. One that has realistic trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, tuba, etc. sounds. As an option, maybe use one of the control knobs to change the trumpet to a piccolo trumpet or flugel horn. A brass ensemble would be nice. Maybe use one of the control knobs to bring various instruments into the ensemble.

    With my C9, I’ve had people get up and look to see where the flute is coming from. I’ve had others look around for the organ because the C9 truly is that good. I’d love to have something that could make people think there is a brass section hiding somewhere around the back of the band.

    Thanks for you consideration……………


    I agree!!!!!!! I would love to have a Brass-9 pedal!!! Saxophone, Trombone,Trumpet, French Horn and also have a patch that actually has real multi-brass section like a big band. This would be great for recording purposes as well as live performance!!! Currently, the only brass settings I can find is on a Roland guitar synth. The problem with the Roland guitar synth is that it does not track well. I have a Synth-9 pedal and it’s great. If your a musician that does a lot of recording that dabbles with Jazz, Funk, RnB, Ska and the like, this would be an amazing pedal to have. This would definitely be a GREAT ADDITION to all of the “9” pedal series! It’s hard to find trumpet, saxophone, trombone and other brass type musicians for live or for recording purposes. With the Synth-9, String-9, Key-9, B-9 and a Brass-9 pedal, I would never need to find a keyboard player or try to find any other “brass” type of musician for recording purposes. Plus, as a guitar player being in a band, especially like a cover band, You could totally replace a keyboard player with the ” 9 ” series pedals from EHX. Do you know hard it is to find a good keyboard player?????

    Thank you,

    Christopher Sinisi

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