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    I bought a used 95000. Came in the box with 16g SDHC, usb cable, power supply, & manual. Looks brand new! It is loaded with v1.14 firmware. The factory drum loops were erased so I downloaded and installed them on the card. Scrolling through and playing those loops works fine.
    I went to record a track which all worked as it should EXCEPT when I went to stop recording it would not stop. Pressing the record switch reset the bar/measure numbers and continued. Pressing the play or record button did nothing. The only way to stop the loop was to unplug the power, naturally loosing the loop. When I scroll to an empty track the new track light lights, channel one lights, and the record button flashes – so good so far.
    The only thing I see that may give a clue is the track numbers. The drum loops 1-20 have a decimal (ie 12.00, 13.00 etc.). The empty track reads 21000 with no decimal place.
    I copied a known good drum loop, renamed it, LOOP21 and it came up with the decimal point in the right place.
    I scrolled to the next empty slot 22000 and had the same problem again.
    I set everything back to the factory defaults. Still can not get it to stop recording and playback.
    Seems I’m doing something wrong?


    First thing is check the Fade-out parameter setting. Maybe this is set very high? Fade-out is a secondary mode setting, so to check and change the Fade-out setting, do the following:

    1. Press and hold the PAGE button for about 1 second. Release PAGE when it blinks rapidly. Now you are in Secondary Page mode.

    2. Press and release the VALUE knob until the two left digits display FD. Should be three presses of VALUE.

    3. The right two digits indicate the current Fade-out time. If it shows OF, then Fade-out is disabled. If it shows a number, then fade-out is enabled the number represents the fade-out time in seconds. If a number is displayed, turn the VALUE knob counterclockwise to OF.

    4. Exit secondary mode by pressing the PAGE button.

    Try again to stop a loop.

    By the way, if you’re recording a new loop, you will need to press the PLAY/STOP footswitch twice to actually stop playback. The first press closes the loop and sets loop length. The second press stops loop playback.

    Also, make sure the QUANTIZE button is not lit at this time. If QUANTIZE is lit, the 95000 might continue recording to finish out a bar.


    I tried this first to no avail.
    Turns out to be a sdhc card issue. I installed another card and had the same problem even though both card were accessible via a reader.
    I got a brand new card and everything is working as it should. Whew!!
    Seems that many people’s issues are card related.
    Always back up your loops and keep a new card handy!
    Anyway, I love this thing, it’s a monster!!

    Thank You!



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