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    Hi, I just bought a 95000 last week, and am able to power the unit and play through it (bypass) but the loop button does not activate the record button’s LED as stated in the manual. It worked fine for several hours but now will not function. I removed the microSD card, checked it on my PC and it is functioning fine. Please advise. Thanks in advance.


    If you go to an empty loop and then press the RECORD footswitch, does the 95000 react? Does it start recording?

    If you go to an occupied loop and press the PLAY footswitch, does the 95000 playback?


    No, it does not respond… I can now determine that the internal SD microcard receiver is loose as the card has now fallen into the unit itself. Ugg. I’m sending it back to the retailer for an exchange. Hopefully this was just a fluke. I know that these card readers are delicate, and did not ham-fist it, so maybe better luck with the exchange. Thank you in advance for the follow up.


    We’re sorry to hear this. Not sure how it left the factory with a broken SD card connector.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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