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    I bought a 1440 and I sold my 45000. I wanted a lighter solution, keeping the EHX looping style, I must say I do regret as I find out it doesn’t act at all like my good old 45k. I feel this looper is meant for guitarists, I’m more on the experimental and electronic side.
    Three major points I noted and for which I was hoping we could have some hidden options in the future:
    #1 The dry input cannot be silence; this is a big issue when using the looper as a send return on a mixer like a Pioneer DJM series, where you can only choose one source as send. It results in big audio-level bursts. It would be great to have a dry/wet option or just a wet level with no dry.
    #2 The overdub/replace is waiting for the cycle to resolve when in replace full counterclockwise. This prevents from doing any “patchwork” looping.
    this is an essential function on the 45k; it would great to be able to select this behavior in the menu setting.
    #3 the new loop function require to do a series of push buttons which can be ok when controlling it with your feet but are a total waste of time when working on a table where speed is essential. It would also be great to be able to set up the buttons for a faster new loop recording launch, especially without having to stop the playback but instead, wait for the new record to start at the resolution of the loop or instantly.
    is there any way some options could be implemented so the 1440 acts more like the 45000?



    I had another shot at it for a show and it was a total nightmare. I also read other user feedback and I doubt EHX will ever change anything on this model. If you are into more experimental use of the looper, forget this model.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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