Todd Boston is an Acoustic Ambient multi-instrumentalist, and longtime 2880 Stereo Multi-Track Looper user. Describing the 2880, Todd notes, “I love it! It is a great looper that serves my needs and desires for a simple user friendly interface, I love the intuitive blenders and pan settings for each channel.”

In “Harmony”, Todd is joined by partner Ramesh Kannan.

Todd notes:

I do all the triggers using the foot controller with my right leg. Here is the general time line for Harmony:
0:50 – trigger recording for first loop (Guitar + Tabla)
2:00 – press stop on foot switch to stop recording of first loop, interlude
2:11 – press the record button which triggers both playback of first loop plus the recording of second loop (Lead Guitar + Udu drum)
3:17 – playback of second loop continues, we are playing live, no recording happening for rest of song (Flute + Cajon) Format for this song was recording two loops and playing live over top which made it sound like a six piece

The loops for this song are long so triggering in and out and being on the mark is key for composition. Some loops we do as 8, 16, or 32 bars, some we do as whole sections of the song (Harmony) which we record part A and B and loop them.

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