YouTuber ToastmachineIdiot reveals, for the very first time, the dark secret of our success. Obey the master. And clean up your room!

For the EHX history buffs, this was recorded back in the mid-70’s and was distributed via inserts in magazines such as Guitar Player. It features Jerry Friedman on guitar (Jerry is a studio session legend, and played for Paul Simon, Gloria Gaynor, Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles, Richie Havens, The Temptations, etc.), Roberto Mighty on vocals (Roberto was a tester/demonstrator for EHX, and now runs his own A/V production company in Boston, Celestial Media), and Mike Matthews twisting the knobs.

Sean (aka ToastmachineIdiot) was nice enough to record his flexidisc — so now, for your listening pleasure (and please pardon the scratches):

Mike notes: “One side had a great demo of the Frequency Analyzer and the other the Bad Stone, which was the first phase shifter to have feedback which was accidntally discovered as an oscillation that we liked and so harnessed.”

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