This unprecedented take on the Big Muff is the perfect tool for adding a little — or a lot of — analog grit to digital workflows!

Mitch Gallagher is one of the leading music /pro audio /audio recording authorities in the world and Sweetwater’s Editorial Director. Mitch and the team at Sweetwater sat down with the EHX Big Muff Pi Hardware Plugin to put it through its paces and explore this unprecedented take on the iconic Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi.

“The pedal is a true-stereo 2-in/2-out stompbox based on the classic 1973 Violet Ram’s Head Big Muff. On its own, you can use it onstage or at home as a standard pedal, but plug it into your computer and you can seamlessly send tracks through analog fuzz circuitry then into a DAW, essentially giving you an analog plug-in that integrates easily with your favorite software. Finally, the Big Muff Pi Hardware Plug-in even functions as its own audio interface with USB functionality, direct monitoring, a headphone jack, and gain control with no other device needed for recording.”

The EHX Big Muff Pi Hardware Plugin is available at Sweetwater for $328.90.