Studio-style compression and limiting in a pico NYC DSP package!

The new EHX Pico Platform brings studio-style compression and limiting to any pedalboard with advanced controls and options for a wide array of dynamic control in our most compact package yet! From subtle tone polishing to super squashed sustain, the Pico Platform offers a whole studio’s worth of compressor and limiter styles in a super-compact footprint. SUSTAIN, ATTACK, and BLEND knobs offer nearly limitless control while selectable Compressor and Limiter modes plus Hard Knee/Soft knee compression curves make the Pico Platform a shockingly flexible and powerful pedal with countless uses.

The second in the new EHX NYC DSP Series of pico-sized pedals, the new EHX Pico Platform comes equipped with an EHX 9V power supply is available now and features a U.S. Street Price of $119.00.

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