Electro-Harmonix Unveils the Grand Canyon Delay & Looper

Posted 10/10/2018

Electro-Harmonix announces the Grand Canyon equipped with 12 effect types plus a fully featured looper capable of recording and overdubbing the Grand Canyon’s effects. The pedal provides up to three seconds of delay time, tap tempo and nine tap divide settings, stereo output, 13 presets, programmable EXP pedal settings and high quality analog bypass with soft switching.

The Grand Canyon’s 13 modes are:
1. ECHO – 24-bit digital delay with bit crush/sample rate reduction and low/high pass filtering
2. MOD – Modulated delay, yields flanger, chorus, vibrato and more
3. MULTI – Multi-tap delay, set the exact number of echo repeats up to 31
4. REVERSE – Reverse delay with an intelligent pluck detection algorithm
5. DMM – Deluxe Memory Man, re-creates the tone of the EHX bucket-brigade delay pedal
6. TAPE – Tape Delay, simulates analog tape echo including tape distortion, wow and flutter
7. REVERB – Lush plate reverb plus echo.
8. PITCH – Polyphonic pitch shifting plus digital delay creates pitch-shifted echoes
9. SHIM – Shimmer generates a rich octave-shifted wash
10. SAMPLE/HOLD – Sample and hold, senses a note being plucked and produces echoes indefinitely until another note is detected
11. DRUM – Magnetic drum echo that emulates a classic Binson Echorec style delay
12. DOUBLE – Thickens up a mono signal or creates a stereo spread.
13. LOOPER – Looper with up to 16 minutes of recording time. Includes unlimited overdubs, undo/redo, dedicated stop button, loop fade-out, reverse and speed adjust.

The pedal comes with a 9.6VDC-200mA power supply.

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