EHX’s clever take on the Brit-style amp-like overdrive sends tones soaring!

A new interpretation on a responsive classic, the EHX Spruce Goose overdrive produces Bluesbreaker®-style tones with expanded tonal controls and three level of input gain for a variety of rich overdrive. From meaty boost to smooth singing leads, the Spruce Goose steers your tone into a variety of inspiring and musical directions.

Housed in EHX’s Nano-sized chassis, the Spruce Goose features standard VOL and GAIN for setting overall output and saturation. Additionally, the LIFT switch accesses three levels of input gain allowing your input signal to run hotter and hit the front end of the very responsive and amp-like circuit even harder. This achieves even more saturation and compression while retaining clarity and an expressive, dynamic feel. The TREBLE knob adjusts the brightness of the tone while BASS is an active control that boosts or cuts bass response, helpful for fattening or tightening your tone when changing between single coil and humbucker pickups.

The Spruce Goose employs mechanical replay true-bypass switching on a soft footswitch with selectable latching/momentary functionality. Tap the footswitch for normal latch switching function or press and hold for momentary blasts of boost and OD.

The EHX Spruce Goose comes equipped with a 9 Volt battery and accepts a standard EHX 9 Volt power supply. It is available now and features a U.S. Street Price of $129.00.

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