The new Nano Pulsar is a space-saving pedal with powerful sound shaping control that can function as a mono or stereo tremolo/panner. It provides a choice of Triangle Wave or Square Wave modes, and a Shape Control that delivers a selection of tremolo-modulating waveforms including falling and rising sawtooth, narrow and wide pulse width, triangle and square waves.

The Nano Pulsar’s controls are user-friendly and intuitive. Its Volume knob lets the player fine-tune their output level when the effect is on. This is especially useful because there’s often a perceived volume drop with tremolos when the effect is active. Its Depth knob adjusts the amount of tremolo applied to the signal and provides a range that goes from subtle to extreme. Past maximum the modulation becomes asymmetric and warps the audio signal between positive and negative phase for a unique style of tremolo. The Rate control adjusts the speed of the tremolo or pan effect and a Rate/Status LED is included which, when tremolo is engaged, pulses at the same rate that the effect modulates.

The Nano Pulsar is equipped with a 9 Volt battery and can also be powered by an optional 9 Volt power supply such as EHX’s 9.6VDC-200mA Power Adaptor.

The pedal features a U.S. List Price of $99.00 and is available now.