EHX Tone Tips - The Sound of Nirvana

Posted 11/19/2010

Nirvana was one of the most successful alternative rock bands in the 1990s. The band was formed by singer/gutarist Kurt Cobain in Aberdeen, Washington. Two of Kurt Cobain’s favorite effect pedals were the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone and Polychorus.

Kurt Cobain

Here is the actual Polychorus used on the album In Utero.
The Polychorus was featured on the tracks “Heart-Shaped Box” (solo), “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter,” and “Scentless Apprentice.”
Shown below is the actual Polychorus used by Cobain, and his handwritten notes on settings.

Stereo Polychorus

 Hand Notes

The EHX Polychorus has since been reissued with the controls in slightly different positions.
If you own a reissue Stereo Polychorus make sure to adjust the settings above.

The Stereo Polychorus is capable of producing not only subtle flanging and chorus effects but wild over-the-top sonic mayhem as heard in the Nirvana song “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.”
The settings below are for that song using a reissue Stereo Polychorus.
To help capture the sound, place the chorus before distortion or overdrive.

Stereo Polychorus

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