(Update: Thanks to your feedback, we now have a better plan.)

In roughly one month the Deluxe Memory Man will start shipping in our diecast chassis (see right), and the classic ‘trapezoid’ design (photo above by Eric Archer) will be discontinued. The new Deluxe Memory Man will feature the exact same warm analog circuit, but now in a more pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

We still have limited quantities of the classic Deluxe Memory Man left, and we wanted to make sure fans would have the inside word:

It’s time to get one while you still can . . while you still can . . while you still can . . while you still can.

We encourage you to post your favorite DMM photos, stories, clips, lists of well-known songs that used a DMM, etc. in this thread over in the EHX Forums. To properly set the mood, he’re a classic Deluxe Memory Man (with a classic Minimoog) as played by Marko Ettlich from RetroSound:

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