2880 Foot Controller Instructions

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Electro-Harmonix remote Foot Controller accessory that was designed work with the 2880 Super Multi-track Looper! The Foot Controller allows you to use your 2880 remotely, with your feet! The perfect performance pedal giving you total hands free control as you play. It gives you foot access to the following switches: Track select, New Loop, Record, Play, Octave and Reverse.

- Setup -

To properly setup the Foot Controller with a 2880 you will need one standard guitar cable with a 1/4” plug on each end:

1. Plug one end of the guitar cable into the 2880 Footswitch jack.

2. Plug the other end of the guitar cable into the Foot Controller’s jack.

3. Upon connecting the 2880 Foot Controller to the main unit, all 6 LEDs (on the FC) will light briefly for 1 second.

- Controls -

The following descriptions detail the functions of all of the Footswitches and LEDs (lights) on the 2880 Foot Controller. All 6 switches and LEDs on the Foot Controller duplicate the switches and LEDs on the 2880 with the same name.

1. NEW LOOP Footswitch - When you press the NEW LOOP footswitch, you will enter record ready mode. Press the NEW LOOP switch again and you will exit the record ready mode. If you press the NEW LOOP switch while recording, it will end the recording and put you into playback mode.

2. NEW LOOP LED - Will blink rapidly when you are in record ready mode.

3. RECORD Footswitch - The RECORD Footswitch (FSW) is a duplicate of the RECORD FSW on the 2880 itself. Please refer to the 2880 User Manual for instructions on how the RECORD FSW works.

4. PLAY Footswitch - The PLAY FSW is a duplicate of the PLAY FSW on the 2880. Please refer to the 2880 User Manual for instructions on how the PLAY FSW works.

5. RECORD and PLAY LEDs - These two LEDs duplicate the Recording and Playing LEDs on the 2880.

6. TRACK SELECT Footswitch - The track select switch is used to select the active track. Each press of this footswitch will advance you to the next track. Pressing the TRACK SELECT Footswitch while Track 4 is active will cycle you back to Track 1.

7. TRACK SELECT LED - The TRACK SELECT LED will light only when Track 1 is the active track, otherwise this LED will be off.

8. REVERSE Footswitch - Hitting the REVERSE FSW toggles between Forward and Reverse modes.

9. REVERSE LED - When the REVERSE LED is lit, you are in REVERSE mode and your loop will play backwards. When the REVERSE LED is off, you are in FORWARD mode and your loop will play forwards.

10. OCTAVE Footswitch - If you are Playing back a loop at its original pitch and tempo and then hit the OCTAVE FSW, the loop’s tempo and pitch will be lowered by exactly one octave. Hit the OCTAVE FSW again and the loop will return to its original pitch and tempo.

11. OCTAVE LED - The Octave LED will light up when the octave function is engaged.

12. 1/4” Jack - Plug the guitar cable that is plugged into the 2880 Footswitch jack into this 1/4” jack on the Foot Controller. Both power and data will travel through the single guitar cable.

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Quick Specs
Hands-free control of the 2880
Select a new track or a new loop without missing a beat
Recieves power from the 2880
6 Footswitch functions: record, play, new loop, reverse, octave and track select.
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