EHX FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Can I get a schematic for my Electro-Harmonix pedal?

  • Answer: Some, but not all, schematics are available to qualified service technicians. Contact our customer service department at to inquire about a schematic if you are a service technician. Unauthorized adjustment will void your warranty.

  • Question: Can I register my warranty on-line?

  • Answer: Yes, you can register your new pedal on-line at

  • Question: Do you repair older products?

  • Answer: Sorry, but we generally do not repair vintage pedals, especially those made before 1989.

  • Question: I need an owner’s manual for my pedal. How can I get one?

  • Answer: Owners Manuals for all contemporary Electro-Harmonix pedals are available on this website. Go to the individual product page. Many owners’ manuals are also available in Spanish.

  • Question: How can I find an Electro-Harmonix dealer in my area?

  • Answer: A dealer directory, by geographic area, is available on this website at

  • Question: Does Electro-Harmonix sell direct to the public?

  • Answer: No. Electro-Harmonix has an extensive network of both brick-and-mortar retailers and E-tailers around the world. Our products are available through those authorized retailers only.

  • Question: I am an artist. Does Electro-Harmonix have an artist endorsement program?

  • Answer: At this time Electro-Harmonix is not accepting applications for artist endorsement.

  • Question: Does Electro-Harmonix offer factory tours?

  • Answer: Because of insurance regulations and the hazards present in a manufacturing and warehousing environment, we do not offer factory tours to the public.

  • Question: How do I determine the age of my Electro-Harmonix pedal?

  • Answer: It is very difficult to determine the exact age of many of our older pedals because designs and components changed fluidly. Sometimes date codes may be found on parts such as potentiometers which could give a clue as to the pedal’s age, but this is not a fool proof method.

  • Question: What AC~DC Adaptor should I use with my Electro-Harmonix Pedal?

  • Answer: Click here to see a full list
  • Note: the prefix US refers to AC~DC Adaptors appropriate for use in the USA. These adaptors are also available in AU (Australia), EU (European Union), JP (Japan) and UK (United Kingdom) versions.
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