Tube Pedals

Unlike other "tube hyped" products on the market, which use 9 to 50 volts, the Black Finger's toroidal transformer allows for a full 300 volts of swing, preserving the attack while providing the warmest compression imaginable.
Taking its roots from legendary British guitar amps, the English Muff'n recreates their majesty and classic tone with spot-on accuracy.
Lundahl transformers, 8 super linear, low noise gold pin vacuum tubes and military grade components are the basis for one of the finest professional compressors ever built.
Clear and defined amplitude modulation and vibrato with the vacuum tube warmth that older generations once took for granted.
Electro-Harmonix is not only an effects pedal pioneer but we are the leading manufacturer of vacuum tubes in the world. Put the two together and we are proud to present a line of vacuum tube pedals that take full advantage of the sweet, warm, lush sounds that vacuum tubes are known for. In all of our vacuum tube pedals, we run the pedals at full power with approximately 300VDC on the plates giving the tubes a chance to shine in a relatively small guitar pedal footprint. Now you don't need to search the far reaches of the Internet for deals on vintage tube amps and studio gear to get a real tube sound.
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