JRENG! - Lola Bangs The Drums - using EHX effects

Posted 4/11/2011

Here’s the latest videosong by the multi-talented JRENG! This time he’s collaborating with Lola Bangs The Drums, a duet featuring Natalia Pratiwi and Dika Charles Dickson.

The title of the original song is “Dekati Aku” which translates to “come and get me!”

When producing this videosong JRENG! drew inspiration from big band, swing music. He explained that because he doesn’t have brass instruments he mimicked the brass with his pianica and an EHX Voice Box in unison mode (one octave higher, one octave lower).

JRENG! used the following EHX products in this production:
Voice Box (pianica)
Cathedral Stereo Reverb (electric guitar, electric piano, acoustic guitar)
Stereo Pulsar (electric guitar)
Russian Big Muff Pi (bass, lead synthesizer)
Double Muff (electric guitar)

EHX Products Mentioned Above
Voice Box - Vocal Harmony Machine/Vocoder
Voice Box
Vocal Harmony Machine/Vocoder
Cathedral - Stereo Reverb
Stereo Reverb
Stereo Pulsar - Variable Shape Analog Tremolo
Stereo Pulsar
Variable Shape Analog Tremolo
Double Muff - Fuzz/Overdrive
Double Muff
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