A Letter to Mike Matthews about the EHX Metal Muff

Posted 7/26/2010

This is a text copy of an email written to Mike Matthews by an enthusiastic fan about the Metal Muff with Top Boost he bought. And the personal answer from Mike Matthews.


I like my Coffee Black just like my Metal and for YEARS I’ve been looking for a gripping distortion that doesn’t have the horrible high end *screaming bats* sound and has enough balls to shake the room. I tried em all, Metal Zone, Core, Mega Distortion, Blues Distortion, Effects boards, anything and everything and it all sucked.

I bought a Blackstar HT-60 Tube amp (2x12 combo), and the on board clean is amazing and the overdrive channels are good but if it ain’t MESA you arn’t going to get good metal out of the box so after throwin a 10 band EQ in the effects loop I went and looked at some distortion boxes - saw the Metal Muff and knew EHX is good stuff from the tubes I use, went home and popped it in, threw another EQ (simple 6 band pedal) after it (all this is from guitar to amp), Killed the mids, and got the greatest metal tone ever. Thank you, I’ve looked so damn long for this and it is going to help immensely when I get gigging.

Also the freeze pedal - damn that is awesome I’m picking one up next damn pay check.



THE ANSWER from Mike Matthews


All of us at Electro-Harmonix are very happy to hear you dig your Metal Muff enough to write us about it. 

Cats like you inspire us.

Rock &  Roll,

Mike Matthews, President

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