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Posted 8/29/2018

Check out this great EHX tattoo from Veronica Montenegro.

See more EHX tattoos at www.ehx.com/tattoos.

Posted 8/9/2018

Join EHX at the Fear the Riff Expo this weekend in Brooklyn, NY. We'll have effects experts on-site to demo our latest pedals and answer your gear questions.

Purchase advance tickets at www.feartheriff.com.

Posted 8/1/2018

Jreng!: multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and all around talented fellow sent Mike Matthews this video. It’s an original tune and features nine EHX pedals!

Posted 8/1/2018

Want to take the classic NYC Big Muff Pi, the Op-Amp reissue and the Green Russian reissue, slam them into the front of a JCM 800 and do a good ole' fashion shootout? Zzounds delivers!

Click here to check out their Big Muff shootout.

Posted 7/30/2018

Check out this wicked EHX kick drum art from Freya Creel.

Click here for more EHX fan art.

Posted 7/25/2018

J Mascis' Amherst Muff Museum, Massachusetts.

©️2018 Photo By O.

Posted 7/23/2018

Andy from reverb.com unleashes a torrent of sonic bliss with the EHX Oceans 11 reverb, a new compact pedal with 11 stunning reverb styles ranging from essential to exotic.

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