Superego Synth Engine


The polyphonic SUPEREGO Synth Engine reinvents sample and hold, performs fluid glissandos and creates oscillator like, synthesizer effects. It can stack sounds or create infinite sustain, it even lets you tweak attack and decay, or use its effects loop to invent novel synth patches. Indulge your guilty pleasures!

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Quick Specs
Auto mode captures and freezes notes and chords as you play
Controllable glissando
Sustain notes and chords as long as wanted
Insert effects into the wet signal with the effects loop
Latch mode with a layer feature to stacksounds
9 Volt power supply provided
Dimensions in inches: 4.0 (w) x 4.75 (l) x 2.25 (h)
Dimensions in mm: 102 (w) x 121 (l) x 89 (h)
From the Blog
Posted 1/27/2016

Anna Halkjaer, Danish singer/songwriter, discusses how she uses the EHX Superego synth engine with a Gibson SG as the foundation for the sound of her solo project ÆTER.

"I use the Superego to create a very ambient and thick sound and I really love exploring it in my songwriting. The pedal lets me control the synth in various ways and I like how the clean guitar signal can be blended into the synth, letting the synth create a beautiful ambient feeling blending the tones, stretching and weaving them as I please. I love how the pedal surprises you and cannot stop playing with it. The Superego really inspires creativity and my solo gigs become much more atmospheric and unique with this pedal."

Posted 5/21/2015

The Irish band, Rollin’ Empire, just hit the EHX trifecta:
Superego Synth Engine
POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator
Holy Stain Multi-Effect

Posted 7/11/2014

Twangbarking employs the EHX Soul Food, OD Glove, and Superego on his meandering journey of tone and drone.

Posted 3/28/2014

Ryan Kiesshauer does a great job of showing off and explaining what the EHX Superego is capable of.

Posted 3/24/2014

FreeTheInternets uses the Superego Synth Engine to capture harmonics on bass guitar and create glides with portamento between notes.

Posted 1/14/2014

Joel Bauman improv using the Superego Synth Engine at Chicago Music Exchange.

Posted 10/16/2013

Cosmogang takes his turn at tweaking the EHX Superego into ambient territories.

Posted 9/16/2013

Seter Lopez uses the Superego Synth Engine to emulate a horn sound.

Posted 9/12/2013

Tony Grey demos the Superego Synth Engine with bass guitar. Tony is set to release his fourth solo album, Elevation, on October 15 2013. It’s a collaboration featuring the amazing Mike Stern, fretless guitar legend David Fiuczynski, Whitesnake’s Reb Beach, Japanese star Hotei Tomoyasu and Tony’s guitar-legend uncle, John McLaughlin.
For more on Tony check out

Posted 9/6/2013

Tubescreamer creates “Dark Orchestra Sounds” with the EHX Superego Synth Engine.

Posted 6/6/2013

MusicToyz demos the EHX Superego Synth Engine.

Posted 6/4/2013

Modern horn players are embracing the way effects pedals help them expand the boundaries of their axes. Whether it’s turning a tenor sax into a baritone, empowering a trombone to play chords, or enabling horn players to create avant-garde soundscapes that were once beyond their reach, EHX is at the fore of this innovation.

Here, saxophonist Geoff Countryman and trombonist Rick Parker explore how the EHX H.O.G.2, Ring Thing and Superego Synth Engine open new doors for the creative horn player.

Posted 5/31/2013

DoVira is a modern Ukrainian band. Guitarist Patrick O’Reilly wrote to tell us they used an EHX Superego Synth Engine (especially the Glissando function for synth-like pads), a Holy Grail reverb and the Ravish Sitar on bass (as a drone) while recording this song.

Posted 5/3/2013

The legendary Adrian Belew gets his first taste of the EHX Superego Synth Engine. Here’s a quick video he sent Mike Matthews.

Posted 4/24/2013

Mike Hermans at Prymaxevintage demos the Superego Synth Engine.

Posted 4/12/2013

The Superego Synth Engine is hot and has been embraced by adventurous guitarists and reviewers alike. In their current issue, Vintage Guitar magazine writes that it’s a “great tool for experimenting with synth sounds and textures.” says, “the best way to think of the Superego is as a component that converts part of your guitar sound into a waveform that can be twisted and manipulated in a similar way to an analog synth.”

If you haven’t seen or heard the Superego Synth Engine, check out this quick Video by Bill Ruppert of Effectology fame.

Click for review

Click for Vintage Guitar review

Posted 3/28/2013

Can you use some inspiration? The Superego Synth Engine opens doors for creative guitarists. Capture and hold notes or chords, perform fluid glissandos and unleash oscillator-like synthesizer effects. Layer sounds, create infinite sustain, tweak attack and decay, or use the effects loop to invent your own signature sounds. Take a quick trip as “JJ Likes Guitar” demos the key features of this award-winning pedal.

Posted 1/17/2013

The 2013 Electronic Musician Editors’ Choice Awards were just announced and the EHX Superego Synth Engine copped one. The polyphonic Superego reinvents sample and hold, performs fluid glissandos and unleashes oscillator-like synth effects. Layer sounds, create infinite sustain, tweak attack and decay, or use its effects loop to invent your own unique synth patches. Three modes of operation: Auto, Manual and Latch, let you indulge your guilty pleasures!

Click here to read the review

Posted 12/19/2012

I HEART GUITAR BLOG.COM reviews the innovative new EHX Superego Synth Engine.

Click here to read the review

Posted 12/7/2012

LucianHarke creates soundscapes with the EHX Superego Synth Engine.

Posted 12/4/2012

Guitar Player magazine checks out the Crying Tone Wah and Superego Synth Engine.

Click here to read the review


Posted 11/16/2012

Guitar World says: “The Electro-Harmonix Superego provides a lifetime of inspiration, exploration and truly musical effects for guitarists who want to boldly expand the sonic capabilities of their instruments beyond traditional sounds.”

Read the entire review here

Posted 11/5/2012

Guitar effects guru, Bill Ruppert, pushes the envelope (hard) of what is possible to achieve with “just” a guitar and a handful of EHX effects pedals. In this latest edition of Effectology Bill re-creates the synthesizers from the Pink Floyd classic “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” Check it out. This really is one of those things you have to see and hear to believe!

Please note: Bill will be in the EHX Forums to discuss his sounds, settings, and process. We hope you join us there.

Previous episodes:

Stay tuned, more Effectology episodes coming soon!

Posted 11/2/2012

Harmony Central’s Phil O’Keefe takes a close look at the EHX Superego Synth Engine.

Click here to read the review

Posted 10/22/2012

The New Yorker noted that, “Bill Frisell plays the guitar like Miles Davis played the trumpet: in the hands of such radical thinkers, their instruments simply become different animals. And, like Davis, Frisell loves to have a lot of legroom when he improvises—the space that terrifies others quickens his blood.”

An avowed sonic experimentalist, this quick clip (by Monica Frisell) shows the poll winning guitarist “messing around” with his brand new EHX Superego Synth Engine.

Click here to view the video

Posted 10/10/2012

Sweetwater’s, Daniel Fisher, gives an excellent guided tour of the new EHX Superego Synth Engine using both guitar and keyboard.

Posted 10/5/2012

“If you’re a dedicated tone explorer and texturalist, you’d be silly to pass this pedal up. And if you savor the art of transforming your guitar entirely, the Superego is an amazing place to start.”

Click here to read the review

Posted 9/25/2012

The UK’s Bass Guitar magazine asks:  “Want to scare people with your bass? Of course you do. Joel McIver road-tests EHX’s new Superego Synth Engine and terrifies the neighbours.”

Click here to read the review

Posted 9/19/2012

Premier Guitar magazine says the EHX Superego Synth Engine delivers, “Near Infinite Tonal Possibilities.”

Click here to read the review

Posted 9/18/2012

We are very pleased to inform you that Mike Matthews has been nominated for Vintage Guitar Magazine’s Hall of Fame. The category is “Innovators” and this is an unabashed solicitation for you to cast your vote for Mike, a guy who truly is one of the most innovative characters in the music equipment biz.

A hollow boast? Hardly! Here is a short list of just some of the innovations Mike Matthews has been responsible for in his career at the helm of Electro-Harmonix:

  • First product to introduce the age of overdrive: LPB-1 Linear Power Booster
  • First portable, battery powered, guitar amp; Freedom Amp
  • First to introduce feedback with a phase shifter: Bad Stone
  • First electronic flanger: Electric Mistress
  • First with an analog delay: Memory Man
  • First inexpensive digital delay: 2 Second Digital Delay
  • First to pioneer an electronic looper: the 16 Second Digital Delay
  • First to introduce inexpensive sampling: Instant Replay, then the Super Replay

In Mike’s 45 year history of relentless product innovation, he’s also been responsible for iconic effects pedals like the Big Muff Pi and the POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator. More recently, he continues to redefine the landscape of effects with products like the Freeze Sustainer, Ravish Sitar Pedal, Superego Synth Engine and the ground-breaking Crying Tone Wah Pedal with no moving parts. His successful battles against violent Russian mobsters only spiked his creativity!

Voting is easy. Just go to
Log in and cast your vote. Oh, there’s an added benefit to you. Voters are entered to win a beautiful new D’Angelico guitar, so do it now! And many thanks for your support.

Posted 8/21/2012

“I was amazed how quickly and easily it was to create an ambient, atmospheric wall of sound” says Sam Davis of

Click here to read the rest of this great review here

Posted 8/17/2012

The people from Presonus stop by the EHX booth in Nashville at Summer NAMM 2012.

Posted 8/10/2012

Lee from Absolute Music in Bath, UK gave the Superego an in-depth write-up and shot a demo of just a few things this powerhouse of a pedal is capable of.

Read the entire review here

Posted 7/24/2012

Harmony Central stopped by the Electro-Harmonix display at Summer NAMM in Nashville to check out all the latest EHX gear.

Posted 7/20/2012

The Boston Globe calls Thaddeus Hogarth a “Guitar Virtuoso.” Thaddeus calls the new Superego guitar pedal “an extension of my instrument.” Read it all here.

Posted 6/14/2012

Andy at Pro Guitar Shop explores the new EHX Superego Synth Engine.

Posted 5/29/2012

danieldangerously does a quick demo of the Superego glissando function on bass guitar.

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