Bass Big Muff Pi Distortion/Sustainer

The Prodigy reborn with underworld instincts comes to life wielding the drive of the original classic Big Muff Pi and the earthy support of a bass tailored design with no loss of low end. This is the pedal that bass players who loved the Big Muff sound have been waiting for.

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Posted 7/19/2016

This is the pedal that bass players who love the Big Muff sound have been searching for. The EHX Bass Big Muff Pi delivers iconic fuzz for the four-string enthusiast and the earthy support of a bass tailored design with no loss of low end

Posted 4/14/2016

Alex Dupuy representing with his new Electro-Harmonix tattoo and Bass Big Muff Pi!

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Posted 12/30/2013

Pedalbox Reviews review the Bass Big Muff Pi.

Posted 12/20/2013

The Musicians Network demos the EHX Bass Big Muff Pi.

Posted 12/11/2013

Bass Big Muff Pi demo from Germany

Posted 10/29/2013

Electronic Musician magazine’s December 2013 issue includes their “Rock Star Gift Guide.” Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, a.k.a. The Crystal Method, recommend a member of the EHX Big Muff family.

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Posted 8/5/2013

EHX Bass Big Muff’s tonal flexibility shown off by Mattyfodor

Posted 6/28/2013

Laurence, at Wunjo Guitars on London’s famed Denmark Street, demos the Bass Big Muff Pi.

Here a pallet ‘o Bass Big Muffs get ready to go to their new homes.

Posted 6/24/2013

Quickie demo of the Bass Big Muff Pi by Anton.

Posted 6/18/2013

Patrick Hunter gets down with the Bass Big Muff Pi.

Posted 6/11/2013

The classic EHX Big Muff Pi!

Posted 5/17/2012

Premier Guitar recently visited our new headquarters in New York City. While here, PG’s Rebecca Dirks and her news crew were hosted on a guided tour by company founder and president, Mike Matthews. We hope you enjoy this inside look at EHX.

Posted 9/13/2011

Quick cover of the Muse song, Hysteria, on bass using an EXH Bass Big Muff Pi.

Posted 6/30/2011

Posted 12/17/2010

From France, a nice demo of bass guitar played through a Big Muff Pi USA. The Bass Big Mufff Pi, which is tailored especially for bass, is, in our humble opinion, even richer sounding!

Posted 7/6/2010

Posted 5/19/2009
Thanks to Kevin Robinson (Viva Voce on Barsuk Records) for this quick demo of the Bass Blogger. The Bass Blogger offers switchable overdrive and fuzz modes, and is optimized for a lighter, more subtle fuzz (as compared to the Bass Big Muff Pi). For an even smoother bass distortion, see our Bass Metaphors DI/preamp.

Kevin adds: "I like to have as many options of distortion as possible. The Bass Big Muff is such an identifiable sound that it's really nice to add a little subtle grit to the equation. The Blogger does this nicely. In the 'drive' setting, I can push my clean tone up a bit to the edge, then launch it through the roof without having to make extreme jumps."

"At any point on tour I have two (sometimes three) distortion pedals in the chain. 'Die A Little' off our new record was recorded with 18 guitar tracks, and eventually double tracking a distorted bass. Live all I do is turn the Blogger on the fuzz setting with the tone rolled completely off (7 o'clock) and the drive all the way up (5 o'clock). Nails it!"

"If ever there was a brand name linked to the type music we make and completely encapsulate the aesthetic of how good it feels to hold a squealing guitar, it would be Electro-Harmonix. In fact the VERY first pedal I ever bought was a Big Muff Pi."

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area tonight (May 19) go stop in on Viva Voce's video premiere/release party for their new album "Rose City."

In addition to his Bass Blogger, Kevin will also be touring with his Bass Big Muff Pi, Stereo Clone Theory, and Deluxe Memory Man (see pedalboard).

Posted 2/6/2009
We're digging YouTuber Meticcio696's rendition of Muse's "Hysteria" played through his Bass Big Muff Pi, thanks Meticcio696!

Posted 8/29/2008
A short excerpt from the documentary film "Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized The World" in which Electro-Harmonix founder Mike Matthews tells the story of EHX's first product, the LPB-1.

Mike also reveals the origins of "Muff," which we take care to use very sparingly: Bass Big Muff Pi, Big Muff Pi, Big Muff Pi (Russian), Double Muff, English Muff'n, Little Big Muff Pi, Metal Muff, Micro Metal Muff, Muff Overdrive, and Pocket Metal Muff (all featured in our Distortion, Fuzz, Overdrive category).

The clip also features Chris Ross (Wolfmother) and ends with J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) showing off his unbelievable Big Muff Pi collection.

Posted 8/29/2008
Thanks again to Jack Conte for this great new demo of the Bass Big Muff Pi.

Posted 8/20/2008
Scott Shriner (bass Weezer) sent in this snap from his rehearsal space, while gearing up for the North American tour in support of their top ten "Red Album." Scott wrote to tell us: "The Bass Big Muff Pi is great for a single cab situation with the dry setting, I love it. It's the new standard for fuzz bass."

Posted 4/21/2008
Electro-Harmonix has always been committed to bringing great sounds to bass players — and we've just doubled our committment. We're pleased to announce three new effect pedals that are optimized for bass guitar: Bass Big Muff Pi, Bass Blogger, Bass Metaphors, and the Steel Leather. Additionally, the classic Bass Micro Synthesizer and Bassballs are now available in our more-convenient die-cast enclosures. Be sure to check out our full line of bass-optimized pedals.

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Quick Specs
True bypass
Tailor your drive/distortion sound with sustain, tone and volume knobs
A dry switch that mixes your dry bass with the Bass Big Muff Pi's distortion
A bass boost EQ switch that reintroduces your low frequencies when tone is set for high frequencies
Based on the Russian Big Muff
Tough and compact die-cast chassis
9-volt battery included
Optional 96DC-200BI power supply available
Dimensions in inches: 4.0 (w) x 4.75 (l) x 2.25 (h)
Dimensions in mm: 102 (w) x 121 (l) x 89 (h)
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